Well-Paid Maids is NYC’s only accredited living-wage home cleaning company.  They start all their workers (employees, not contractors!) at $26/hour and provide a full benefits package including health, dental, and vision insurance, 22 paid days off, and 100% employer-paid commuting.  Founded in 2017, they have a staff of 30 and you can meet their New York team by visiting their About page.

By demonstrating that they can run a successful living-wage business in a notoriously exploitative industry, Well-Paid Maids works to promote progressive policies that benefit workers.  In addition, they have also been a prominent advocate for higher minimum wages, Medicare for All, salary disclosure, domestic workers’ rights, and paid family and medical leave, with employees testifying in legislatures and lobbying officials.  Above, you’ll find a picture of their founder, Aaron Seyedian, posing with AOC after speaking in support of paid family and medical leave in the House of Representatives.

Make an appointment today to book a cleaning service that matches your values.  Not only will you be supporting their employees, you’ll be supporting their efforts to advocate on behalf of all workers.  And instead of a hurried appointment done by an underpaid, overworked independent contractor, you’ll receive a thoughtful, thorough service from one of their happy, hardworking professionals.  

Use coupon code GREENPOINTERS by 5/29 to save $20 off your first cleaning. To learn more, check out their coverage in the New York Times and on CNN, send them an email at [email protected], or give them a ring at (212) 847-1369.

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Well-Paid Maids is a living-wage home cleaning company delivering excellent service to our customers while providing our employees with the compensation, security, and dignity they deserve.

We serve the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

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