The G line, the only mode of subway transportation in Greenpoint, will receive some long-awaited modernization updates in the coming years, reports the Daily News.

There are two issues with the trains used on the G line, which connects Brooklyn with Queens. 

The first problem is that the G line currently uses trains with only four cars when most subway lines use trains with eight cars. This leads to overcrowding and delays. 

The second problem is that the G line uses older signaling technology. A newer signaling system would allow trains to run more frequently.

The Greenpoint Avenue stop on the G line.

The G train is especially important to the Greenpoint community because the NYC Ferry stop at Greenpoint’s India Street has been shut down since May 2021.


During a February 15th budget hearing, Assemblymember Emily Gallagher noted that her 50th Assembly District, which includes Williamsburg and Greenpoint, has seen a 26% population increase according to this census report.

“Communities along the G have seen some of the fastest train population growth in New York State, but we’re still served by a line with half the number of cars as others,” Gallagher told Greenpointers. “I’ve seen so many neighbors slip and fall sprinting to the center of the platform to catch the four-car G train, worried it’ll be ten or twenty minutes until the next one.”

The Daily News reported that MTA Chairman Janno Leiber said better signaling, not longer trains, will lead to better service. Leiber believes modernizing the G line’s signaling system is the best way to have more G trains running more frequently.

AMNY also reported that Lieber revealed the MTA was eyeing the G train for upgraded signaling systems. “We are prioritizing it to get new signals and one of the ways you have more and better service is by fixing signaling systems,” Lieber said. “That is on deck as one of the next signaling projects we’re going to attack.”

“I’m thrilled that the MTA is prioritizing G train signal upgrades, which will result in more frequent and reliable service. But, as I said to MTA Chairman Janno Leiber at a budget hearing last week, there’s no reason we can’t find the resources to extend the G train to a full eight cars. I’m looking forward to working with the MTA, fellow elected officials and commuters to make this happen,” Gallagher explained to Greenpointers. 

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