If you have ever been to an immersive light experience, you know how captivating it can be. In the best cases, it can feel like you are stepping into a different world, one that is filled with hope and wonder. That’s the goal of Illumination NYC. We all need a little light in our lives, and Illumination NYC has come to deliver. 

“A free Festival of Light under the Kosciuszko Bridge in Brooklyn, New York to fill a void on the community cultural calendar by welcoming local artists and curating unique visual experiences to the neighboring public.”

Illumination NYC

The inaugural event for the nonprofit Illumination NYC will take place Under the K Bridge – otherwise known as the Kosciuszko Bridge in Greenpoint from Thursday October 7th until Saturday October 9th.

“Under the K Bridge Park” opened in May of 2021. It spans seven acres with ample greenery and an open air space perfectly designed for events such as this. 

In partnership with North Brooklyn Parks Alliance, Illumination NYC is excited to bring the community together for the first-of-its-kind light festival.

What To Expect

According to Ron Fisher, Illumination NYC’s executive director, the company decided to focus on light art in early development because of the unique impact it tends to have on people. For many, light art exhibitions have this unique ability to uplift and inspire. The more immersed you allow yourself to be in the experience, the more dazzling it becomes. It’s a sort of magic that Fisher was excited to create in the form of an NYC festival. 


With an incredible lineup of artists, the event will feature various immersive art experiences, music, dancing, and of course, magical light shows. Here is a line up of artists scheduled to appear at Illumination NYC 2021:

  • Rhizome Creative
  • Darrell Thorne
  • Paolo Montiel
  • Robert Montenegro
  • Nicole Cabalquinto
  • Testu Collective
  • Adian Lincoln
  • Doug Shire
  • Laurence Clarkberg
  • Janelle Roswell
  • Louise Lessél & Sid Chou

To learn about each of the artists, click here. Below you will find a few of their works.

There will be two zones, one with an open air museum tone and one with food trucks, a bar, a dance floor, a DJ, and performances by other musicians. Considering that the event will be taking place under the bridge, all the art and attendees will be protected against any potential inclement weather. This is a rain or shine event, ladies and gents!

While the event is sponsored by Tito’s, Brooklyn Brewery, and Unspiked, the artistic programming is designed for all ages and is completely family friendly for any parents looking to bring their children to a community kid-friendly event. 

With art from our community and art from Burning Man, this event reaches all corners of our interactive art world to establish a cultural epicenter for a participatory luminescent experience. 

Illumination NYC is encouraging people to dress up in their own lights and wear whatever funky, light inspired clothing or accessories you might have. This is an immersive experience to the max, so embrace it!

How To Get Tickets

There are five thousand free tickets available for each night, and one thousand VIP available tickets for each night of the festival, October 7th, 8th, and 9th. The tickets became available in the beginning of September, so make sure to reserve your spot in advance.

Free Tickets: These are spaced out in 30 minute entry intervals starting at 6pm until 10:30pm. They allow access to the event and you can stay as long as you’d like.

VIP Tickets: These are priced at $35 per ticket and they come with two free drink tickets, an ability to cut the line, and an LED event bracelet. 

COVID-19 safety protocol will be practiced throughout the weekend, hence the timed entry for free ticket holders.

Illumination NYC is a 501(c)(3), and, therefore, purchasing the VIP ticket is also a good way to support the company and help ensure that Illumination NYC can grow, expand, and continue bringing light to the city in many years to come. 

Sparky the Unicorn by Laurence Clarkberg

Future Illuminations

The executive director, Ron Fisher, has been working on developing a light festival of this kind for approximately nine years. He says that now more than ever it feels important to do something special for the city and give people a safe, outdoor space to experience this showcase of art and light in community. Think of the light festivals in Berlin, and you can begin to imagine how much this event intends to grow. Don’t miss out on the inaugural experience!

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