Small businesses in the neighborhood are reeling after a series of break-ins impacting Upstate Stock, Awoke Vintage, and Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters this week. 

According to coffee and specialty goods shop Upstate Stock, security footage captured an attempted break-in during the early hours of Wednesday at their 2 Berry St. location. This marks the fourth break-in that Upstate Stock has experienced over the course of the pandemic.

After the attempted robbery at Upstate Stock, it’s suspected that those involved moved on to Awoke Vintage at 16 Bedford Ave., which was also burgled that night. Awoke Vintage reported a loss of both money and jewelry in an Instagram caption depicting damages to their glass door. The door has since been repaired and Awoke reopened for business on Thursday. 

Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters, a family-owned business boasting authentic, small-trade Colombian coffee located at 195 Greenpoint Ave., also reported similar damages on their Instagram Story on Thursday afternoon.

This series of burglaries comes on the heels of a year of increased break-ins in North Brooklyn, including when six businesses were broken into in one night last August, and the recent theft of a cash register from Eleva Coffee. Year to date, the 94th precinct has experienced an 80% increase in burglaries compared to this same time last year.


Anyone with information is being urged to come forward.

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