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NYPD Incident at Upstate Stock Raises Questions About PPE, Racism and Intimidation

Officers inside Upstate Stock last weekend. (Via Upstate Stock)

A video depicting an NYPD officer repeatedly asking a barista at Upstate Stock (2 Berry St.) why he can’t use the bathroom has led to several questions about the incident, including why the officer and his colleague are not, like many officers seen across the city, wearing mandatory face masks inside a business that requires protective measures.


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This is insane! We had 6 police vans parked in front of the store today. They hung out all day coming in and out. I, the owner Bram Robinson, was there from 8am until 2pm and they came in in groups of 10 trying to use our bathroom. We CLEARLY have instructions posted at the entrance that we have a 4 person limit and you HAVE to wear masks….none of them did. I told them numerous times to wait outside and obey the 4 person rule. This police officer came in after I left and and said he said 30 police officers are coming in to use the bathroom and my employee denied tbem. This is what happened…I am so sorry to my Baristas for being intimidated by this asshole. They basically shut down my business today, abused my employees, and I NONE of them wore masked in a private business that has spent months surviving while obeying all social distancing regulations.

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Upstate Stock owner Bram Robinson didn’t expect to be selling as much smoked salmon and kale (or donating as much hand sanitizer) as he did this spring, reformulating his store to sell provisions in the era of COVID-19. He also didn’t expect that while selling more than ever, to be losing “piles of money” and have his business at the center of a viral video that’s led to a debate over pandemic and racial concerns. Continue reading

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Clothier Upstate Stock Opens a Flagship Store and Coffeeshop in Greenpoint

Upstate Stock's new flagship store and café. All photos courtesy of Upstate Stock and Bram Robinson.
Upstate Stock’s new flagship store and café. All photos courtesy of Upstate Stock and Bram Robinson.

Upstate Stock, a clothing and accessories store, opened a large flagship store on March 12th at 2 Berry Street, next to Berry Park. The store includes a coffeeshop and plentiful seating space, with laptops allowed, according to owner Bram Robinson.

As of yesterday, Upstate Stock has added a slew of new products.

Photos of the beautiful industrial space Robinson worked so hard on, after the jump. Continue reading

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