Construction began last October on a new Walgreens at the former Natural Garden food market at 750 Manhattan Ave., and as of Monday, the scaffolding is off with the drugstores’ in-progress cursive signage revealed.

750 Manhattan Avenue is also undergoing renovations for a Greenpoint edition of the Williamsburg-based co-working and events space Class and Co.

Class and Co. intended to open last winter, but ran into construction delays related to the pandemic. The website lists Greenpoint office spaces priced starting at $699 per month for up to 4 people and $1,999 per month for a 5 – 9 person office; memberships for daily desk rentals start at $20 per day, and an opening date has yet to be announced.

Rite Aid (723 Manhattan Ave.) closed in March rebranding to Walgreens.

Nearby, Walgreens has increased its presence in Greenpoint despite an announcement in August 2019 that the chain would close 200 stores across the U.S..


The former Rite Aid at 723-725 Manhattan Ave. (the historic Meserole Theatre building with the disco ball) rebranded to Walgreens in March.

The new Walgreens at 750 Manhattan Avenue is taking shape.

Marking the third Walgreens within a .4-mile-stretch on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, 893 Manhattan Ave., a former Duane Reade pharmacy, is also home to the chain.

“Duane Reade by Walgreens” at 893 Manhattan Ave.

Three Walgreens locations in Williamsburg include 250 Bedford Ave., 210 Union Ave. and 164 Kent Ave. An opening date for Greenpoint’s newest Walgreens has yet to be announced.

In a partnership with VillageMD, Walgreens announced plans last week to open 500 – 700 “physician-led primary care clinics in more than 30 U.S. markets during the next 5 years,” according to Healthline.

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  1. Wallgreens new sign is so bright, now my whole apt is a shade of red. Does anyone know how to Lobby to get this sign turned off ?

  2. So what will happen to the old Walgreens (former Rite Aid, former roller rink, former movie theatre) when Walgreens moves across the street to a much smaller location? It’s a fine,old and huge building- with the mirrors and a glittering disco ball still hanging from the ceiling , from it’s roller rink days. The pharmacy area is where the movie theatre balcony was once located, above a spacious theatre.
    Capital One Bank abandoned Greenpoint and now their closed, beautiful, landmarked & domed buildig is a mess out in front, with no one doing any cleaning. or maintenence. If they still own it they should take responsibility! Or get fined.
    We need to support our small local businesses as much as possible during Covid, or else we will lose them…

  3. Unless it’s on two evels, the new Walgreens appears to be much smaller than the one at the Meserole Theate building across the street. And both the Meserole theatre Walgreens as well as the one at Manhattan & Greenoint Avenues will close when the new Walgreens opens, So Greenpoint won’t be gaining anything – just two more vacant storefronts.
    I remember, years ago, when Duane Reade first started (it’s now part of Walgreens), when it USED to be a truly discount-priced drugtore. No more. Walgreen’s penny-pinching cuts have even done away with their weekly sales circular, forcing patrons to search thru their hard-to-read online version.
    By the way even though Walgreens purchased most of Rite Aid, the Rite Aid store on Manhattan Ave (ALSO a former theatre) was able to stay independent. Along with the Greenpoint CVS and Polish drugstores that’s great for competition – and for all of us as consumers!
    And on the subject of reppurposed Greenpoint theatres, there also used to be a theatre where Starbucks and an upstairs gym are now elocated. The only rmenant left being is the stone eagle (of the aptly0named American theatre) above the Starbucks/American theatre canopy.
    By the way, when is Honig’s Dept Store returning to the once-again empty storefront on the corner of Kent & Manhattan? For the chickems hane come home to roost with regard to all these greedy landlords charging sky-high rents for their stores, which are now increasingly closing in the pandemic. Maybe the one good thing from this oandemic, (besides bleach-boy Trump’s well-deerved defeat) will be a lowering of these ridiculous rents to reasonable levels, thus allowing a variety of local mom&pop stores to once again return to Greenpoint (as opposed to shops selling ten dollar a piece gourmet cookies). Oh well, one can dream….

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