Neon yellow discharge was spotted on Tuesday flowing into Newtown Creek.

The week started with NYC finally joining the rest of New York state in the Phase IV reopening stage, which allows for the return of film and tv production as well as outdoor gardens and zoos, but indoor malls, theaters and museums remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Governor Cuomo threatened to reverse course with the city’s Phase IV status on Monday after large crowds of maskless people were spotted partying on Steinway Street in Queens last weekend. The state also suspended the liquor licenses of three Queens bars and restaurants over non-compliance with social distancing guidelines.

Nearly a month after the polls closed for NY’s 2020 democratic primaries, the results are in with Greenpoint activist Emily Gallagher upsetting 47 year incumbent Joe Lentol, and Greenpoint native Kristina Naplatarski defeating 36 year incumbent Linda Minucci, bringing a new era of political leadership to the neighborhood.

In Newtown Creek news, a neon yellowish discharge was spotted flowing into the creek from Hunters Point on Tuesday afternoon. Greenpointers messaged the Newtown Creek Alliance who in turn contacted the state Dept.of Environmental Conservation to see if a dye test was being administered. Upon initial investigation it appears that someone was possibly dumping the substance into the creek, according to a DEC representative.

As a reminder, suspected illegal dumping should be reported to 311, and tips are always welcome via email at


The intense heat will continue through this weekend, so stay cool and hydrated Greenpointers, and in the meantime catch up on this week’s headlines from around the neighborhood:

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