The intersection of Franklin and India Streets.

A 26-year-old woman died on Saturday evening as a result of a scooter accident on Franklin Street, multiple news outlets report.

Nina Kapur, who worked at CBS2 as a news reporter, was riding as a passenger on a Revel scooter when she was ‘thrown’ to the ground after the driver, a 26-year-old male, swerved for ‘unknown reasons’ near the intersection of Franklin and India Streets on Saturday at around 5:30 p.m., NBC reports.

The driver and Kapur were transported to Bellevue Hospital, where Kapur was pronounced dead.

Long known by local residents as a perilous bike route prone for collisions, Franklins Street is also a trucking route with two-way traffic running through one of Greenpoint’s busiest commercial strips. The intersection of Franklin and India Streets received a stop sign and crosswalk markings from the Dept. of Transportation in March.


Protected bike lanes for a portion of Franklin Street were announced in January as part of Mayor de Blasio’s green wave plan which was a response to an uptick in cyclist deaths in NYC in 2019.

A a day prior to the fatal Franklin Street Revel crash, a 38-year-old man was in critical condition following an accident on a Revel scooter on Steinway Street in Queens, the NY Post reports.

Kapur tweeted earlier this month at Revel seeking customer service support and was a Syracuse University graduate from Pennsylvania who had worked for the past year as a news reporter for CBS2.

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  1. So damn sad to read… As a local who has witnessed several accidents/close calls on Franklin Street (a…supposedly bike friendly road??), it doesn’t come to me as a surprise.. With this massive/chaotic influx of development along the waterfront, comes the traffic and the trucks + commercial vehicles/etc,etc…

    Safety improvements MUST be FAST TRACKED & PRIORITIZED here or this will not be an isolated incident.

    Hyper development needs Hyper safety!!!.. I will not forgive these future residents for their complacency towards this issue unless it changes, soon! As a community, we must stand up to this! —Elephant in the room Greenpoint!

  2. I am a senior living a few block away from this accident. Joggers, mopeds, bikes etc are more of a problem for seniors than cars and trucks.

    Cars and trucks by and large obey the rules, the others less so.

    Also, in the street dining is another tragedy waiting to happen. They are supposed to have concrete barriers but most of the ones around here have shoddy protection that a stray car or truck can easily knock down.

    RIP to the family.

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