A new deli and grocery store at the corner of Greenpoint Avenue and Franklin Street sells all the essentials typically found at a Brooklyn bodega, but fancier. Azure Gourmet (113 Franklin St.) opened in early July, its freezers full of pints of Oatly oat milk ice cream, Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches and frozen vegan meat alternatives. Shelves are stocked with Brooklyn-made dry goods, like Sfoglini pasta as well as imported specialty items. The selection is quite a contrast from the bodega across the street, 111 Franklin Deli Grocery, a Greenpoint mainstay vending mainstream grocery products like Doritos and Top Ramen.

Assorted frozen treats at Azure Gourmet

Azure Gourmet has a small fresh produce section, offering a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as ready-to-eat produce like Organic Girl salad mixes. Dairy products and their vegan alternatives (like Kite Hill ravioli and Daiya cheddar) are also for sale, as are specialty snack items, like Ithaca Craft Hummus.

The refrigerated selection at Azure Gourmet

A highlight for locals who hate to cook may be Azure Gourmet’s in-store deli, where an extensive menu offers breakfast sandwiches, veggie burgers, chicken cutlet and grilled chicken sandwiches, classic deli sandwiches and more. Made-to-order sandwiches start at $6.95, and coffee, iced tea and smoothies are also offered.

Azure Gourmet is far from the first specialty grocer and deli in the area. Further down Manhattan, Eastern District sells upscale local and imported provisions, along with craft beers and ciders; several restaurants have shifted to selling groceries amid the pandemic; and this fall, a new 24-hour market will be opening at Greenpoint Landing.

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  1. Take your pick. You can go to this healthy place and go bankrupt with the outrageous prices and then starve to death or go to the local bodega down the block, which is cheap but unhealthy and die.

    Either way you are in trouble.

    1. Correction on my post. Although their grocery items are generally way overpriced their sandwich counter is excellent, delicious sandwiches at moderate prices.

  2. After becoming a dog parent 5 years ago. I have felt and endured so much aggression from residents here in Greenpoint. Almost every deli in the neighborhood has signs that say “No Dogs Allowed”, now, I don’t wish to bring my dog in. It’s just the sentiment behind it that feels so full of animosity. With that sign you are alienating people/dog parents. That being said, I will not be patronizing this establishment.
    Richard Castro and Tallulah

  3. This store looks like it has a great selection of items, but I wouldn’t know because my service dog was denied entry.

    I was told that pets aren’t allowed in the store which is fine because my dog isn’t a pet – he’s a service animal. The manager/owner came up to me to let me know my service dog wasn’t allowed in the store because “we serve food here. What if an inspector came in?” To which I replied “The inspector can be here without a problem. My dog is a service dog.” The manager/owner demanded I show him an ID indicating my dog is a service dog. I told him that any ID people have provided in the past are viewed, legally, as fraudulent or not recognized documents under federal law, but he didn’t care. I told him denying my dog access because I don’t have what he things is “required ID” was a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and is considered discrimination – he didn’t care. Never go here if you care about people with disabilities or the service dog community.

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