Domino Park on Friday (Image via Amanda Dombrowski)

Painted circles were added to the Domino Park lawn on Friday to help park-goers stick to social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. The NYPD stepped-up enforcement at the Williamsburg park one week ago when Mayor de Blasio said he would be limiting the amount of people allowed to enter certain NYC Parks at once.

Crowds have regularly gathered at North Brooklyn parks since the start of the pandemic as measures to deter visitors have included the removal of basketball rims, and the closure of tennis courts and fitness equipment at McCarren Park.

Footage of the new social distancing markers posted to social media shows Domino Park visitors spread out on the lawn in their respective bubbles. Many people can be seen without face coverings in the video while enjoying summer-like temperatures on Friday afternoon.


The city tweeted out a reminder on Friday stating that crowd control measures are in place at Hudson River Park, Sheep Meadow in Central Park, Piers 45 and 46, and Domino Park. Mayor de Blasio also announced on Friday that the NYPD will stop making arrests on people who aren’t wearing face coverings in public.


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  1. Really?
    Circles, circles circles.
    For yippies, yuppies, yuppies.
    How about installing plexiglass protections for both workers and customers at places like Key Food on McGuiness Blvd. in Greenpoint?
    Other supermarkets do it. Even lowly 99 cent stores do it. Why doesn’t this Key Food care about its customers and workers?
    And while I’m at it, why don’t supermarkets stagger their open register aisles- one open, next one closed, next one open, etc.?
    Tou can’t social distance if you’re one foot away from the cashier in the next register line behing your back.

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