DSNY employees with their locally sourced hand sanitizer donated by Greenhook Ginsmiths (Photo courtesy of @kickhisasscbass)

The Greenpoint-based distillers Greenhook Ginsmiths (208 Dupont St.) are helping out the Department of Sanitation’s Brooklyn North 1 Garage with a donation of more than 100 bottles of their new line of hand sanitizer.

Sanitation workers remain on the frontlines as “essential” keeping the city clean during the PAUSE in New York to slow the spread of coronavirus.

(Photo courtesy of @kickhisasscbass)

Greenhook and their neighbors St. Agrestis (233 Eagle St.) began producing hand sanitizer in response to the coronaivirus pandemic and use a CDC and WHO-approved formula with 70% alcohol.

Lifelong Greenpointer and NYC sanitation worker Charles Eisenbach reached out to Greenpointers expressing his gratitude for the donation of 108, 32 ounce bottles of hand sanitizer from Steven DeAngelo, the owner of Greenhook Ginsmiths.

(Photo courtesy of @kickhisasscbass)

The donation was made through The Foundation for NY’s Strongest (DSNY’s official non-profit) and will help to protect sanitation workers at BK1 who serve the Greenpoint and Williamsburg area. “We thank Greenhook Ginsmiths and NY Distilling Company for their generosity and support,” Eisenbach said.


Greenhook and St. Agrestis are partnering to deliver their spirits and hand sanitizer to customers Monday – Saturday. Orders placed online before 9 p.m. are guaranteed for free next day delivery with a $50 minimum order.

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