The intersection of Franklin and India Streets.

Street markings were in the process of being painted by the Dept. of Transportation on Friday morning at the intersection of Franklin and India streets where many car accidents have occurred.

A stop sign was quietly installed at the intersection over the past week and nearby residents have reported that drivers often run through the stop sign creating a hazardous situation for pedestrians and cyclists.

“I’ve lived on this corner for 10 years and I probably see at least one accident a week. Good move NY,” local artist Alex Russel commented on the Greenpointers Instagram post.

The DOT at work painting street markings at Franklin and India Streets on Friday morning.

“A truck hit a car yesterday morning, one day too late. But glad it’s getting done,” added Greenpoint resident Manny Lorras.


Safety improvements along Franklin Street are in process as part of the DOT’s Greenway Connector project to make portions of the highly trafficked bike and truck route that connects to Williamsburg via Kent Avenue friendlier for cyclists and pedestrians.

Recent stop sign additions that have yet to receive proper street markings elsewhere in North Brooklyn have also drawn attention for their lack of visibility for drivers, such as the intersection of Wyckoff Avenue and Jefferson Street, which is near the L train entrance.

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