Kimchee Market (191 Greenpoint Ave.) (Via Google Maps)

The Korean takeout shop, Kimchee Market (191 Greenpoint Ave.) closed today and will reopen in February following kitchen and dining room renovations, along with a refreshed menu that will resemble sister locations Dokebi (199 Grand St.) and Little Dokebi (85 Driggs Ave.), according to owner Chul Kim.

The kitchen also supplies traditional Korean fermented vegetables to local businesses like Jungle Cafe (131 Greenpoint Ave.) and Murray’s Cheese.

The new Kimchee Market will have seating and will resemble a takeout version of Little Dokebi.

For the Greenpoint avenue shop, the renovations will make room for around five to seven tables with up to six seats, and the new menu will be based on Little Dokebi’s: “We’re bringing over our chef from Dokebi to start to start cooking here, and then we’re gonna offer seating,” Kim said. Lunch service will be expanded with more specials and beer and wine will also be served.


Customers who prefer the minimalist setup of Kimchee Market can expect counter service for takeout; the reopening is mid-February at the latest, according to Kim.

The anticipated hours of the relaunched Kimchee Market are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m everyday.




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