Human@Ease (31 Nassau Ave) is presenting a beginner’s henna tattooing workshop on Sunday, 9/15, from 2 pm – 3:30 pm. Greenpoint’s “zen chill zone” recently expanded their selection of classes which includes Tibetan sound baths, heated power Vinyasa, and Tabata circuit training amongst others. Here’s some info on the upcoming Henna workshop (tickets available now):

In this beginner’s workshop, attendees will receive an introduction to the art of mehndi application (henna tattooing). The workshop will begin with a brief intro into the history of mehndi as body art and proceed with a series of practice worksheets where attendees will learn patterns and motifs typical of Indian, Mughal, North African, and other contemporary styles of temporary henna tattooing.

Once the general elements are learned, and you begin to gain comfort holding a henna cone, you will learn how to create steady, clean lines and patterns that flow harmoniously and naturally. Getting into a state of “flow” while doing henna is an important part of this meditative/mindful body art, as henna meant to adorn the human body during joyous occasions. The art is therefore done with care and calm in order to transmit healing and joy to the bodies adorned.

Each participant will receive one henna cone and practice worksheets. Please bring a pencil and notebook for note-taking. Have at least one palm/hand free of lotions to us as a practice canvas for henna.

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