Ovenly’s in-house instructor, Dalia Jurgensen, is a formally trained pastry chef with 20+ years of teaching & pastry experience.

For longtime Greenpointers, Ovenly (31 Greenpoint Ave.) needs no introduction. It’s the natural pit stop on your way over to Transmitter Park, where you can enjoy a quiet moment, and take in the scents of freshly baked sweets and treats. The bakery has a cozy neighborhood vibe that everyone loves and everything there never disappoints. When you receive their signature decadent Brooklyn Blackout cake for your birthday or special occasion, you know someone really loves you. So we were so excited to learn that their much-anticipated Studio ONE54 space was launching with a debut class teaching how to decorate an Ovenly Brooklyn Blackout cake.

I’m more of a cake eater than a cake decorator so I wasn’t sure what to expect but here are some key takeaways from this experience:

1) I’ve been taking the blackout cake for granted because layering and frosting to have smooth sides is not that easy!

2) Like different paint brushes for a canvas, knowing which tools to choose and how to use them is an art.


3) Even though we didn’t actually bake, there is something rewarding about putting your own personal touch to the edible blank canvas. My own version of the Brooklyn Blackout cake was piped with stars and gilded with stardust and gold flakes.

4) It’s an intimate group setting that striked the perfect balance of comfort to chat with new people and to run into old friends. In the age of social media, I savor the moments that force me to put away my phone and get my hands dirty with chocolate frosting.

Even as Ovenly rapidly expands, the studio remains the kind of place that feels welcoming and warm by opening its doors to offer the experience of learning something new. Plus you get to go home with your very own cake and a bag-o-treats.

A gilded Brooklyn Blackout Cake by yours truly

Check out Ovenly Studio ONE54 for more info on classes like Hot Tart Baking, Pie Making, Gluten-Free Baking and more!

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