Paranormal investigation at 67 West St. (courtesy of Anthony Long)

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society will “raise some spirits” this weekend at the Greenpointers Samhain Fall Market with psychic readings, tarot card sessions, and other spooky surprises planned.

This will not be the first time BKPS visits the historic 67 West St. building in Greenpoint, where the team recently conducted a paranormal investigation: “One of the psychics picked up on two distinct spirts in the back door area of the wine bar,” said Anthony Long, BKPS co-founder.

“We had asked any spirits present to take control of the drone, which made for the shaky video,” said Long, referring to the drone footage from the 67 West St. investigation.

Long and his BKPS partner Andrew Arnett visited BRIC TV earlier this week to discuss their beginnings and to dish on supposedly-haunted NYC locales.


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