Simply put, you just can’t exercise the fat away. Some of you have been exercising up to 5 days a week only to jump on the scale and see very little difference in your weight. This can be frustrating when you’re putting a lot of effort into your workouts; and can often make you question your weight loss game plan.

We’ve been demanding answers to these questions from the muscle gods; and as always…nothing! But studies have given us some good clues as to why we’ve been getting steadily fatter for the past few decades –despite a growing increase in physical activity.

Statistics show that health club revenues increased from $200 million in 1972 to $16 billion in 2005!!

The first NYC marathon was in 1970 with only 137 entrants; and in 2008 there were 39,000 entrants and nearly 60,000 applicants.


So if being lazy makes us fat and exercise prevents or inhibits it, shouldn’t this fitness revolution have launched an epidemic of leanness? Hmmm. But in reality, this so-called fitness revolution has been coexisting with an epidemic of obesity. Another hmmm.

Very little evidence exists to support the belief that the number of calories we expend has any effect on how fat we are. When you increase the energy you expend, the evidence is very good that you’ll eat more to compensate. We actually burn very few calories with moderate exercise; and the effort can be easily undone with even the smallest bite or beverage.

Ran 5 miles, burns off 400 calories

1 slice of pizza, 400 calories


There was a Berkeley study that collected detailed information on over 13,000 habitual runners over the course of several years. And although those who ran the most tended to weigh the least, they all got fatter with each passing year — even those who ran over 8 miles a day!

It might be time to question our underlying beliefs. Is it something other than the amount of calories we consume and expend that determines whether we get fat?

Now, this is all not to say that exercise doesn’t have benefits. It absolutely does; and without it, you could be setting yourself up for failure on your weight loss journey. But, to rely on exercise as a “cause” for weight loss will only serve to disappoint you.

But don’t take our word for it, go ahead try it. But when you find yourself spinning your wheels, it may be time to start looking for other solutions. And when the time comes that exercise is not enough to induce weight loss… and it will; here are some things you can start to look at that could make the difference.

The first area you should start questioning is your diet.

  • What does your diet look like?
  • How much alcohol do you drink per week?
  • How much sugar is in your diet?
  • What percentage of carbohydrates make of your total daily calories?
  • Are you eating too much after your workouts?
  • What type of food are you eating after your workouts?

These are just some of the questions you can start to explore. However, if you’re still unsure on how to make healthier food choices, the second option can be to seek professional guidance.

The B.E.S.T. Plan is a holistic program offered right here in Greenpoint, that focuses on all aspects of your well-being, including fat-loss.

B.E.S.T. is a acronym for the desired state of individual well-being: Balance, Energy, Strength & Tranquility. It is specifically designed to deal with past conditioning and emotional obstacles related to food and other lifestyle commitments. If you need structure and accountability around your fitness, diet and well-being, the B.E.S.T. Plan is the most well-rounded program to powerfully move you forward in your life.

Mariah, a participant in the first wave of the B.E.S.T. program had this to say about her experience:

I can honestly say this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I’m not just back to feeling ‘fine’ again, I’m actually feeling better than I have in years. Besides being down in weight and feeling better about myself physically, my mental health has dramatically improved. I’ve radically changed my diet, and I’ve finally learned what foods make me feel good and what foods I need to avoid. More BESTIE Testimonials.

Learn more about the B.E.S.T. Plan and how to sign up at or contact Dy at Human@Ease, where they offer the program.

You can also get a head start and apply here to become the B.E.S.T. version of yourself.

Human@Ease is located at 31 Nassau Ave in Greenpoint. (718) 388-2900

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  1. You are half right. Exercise is not the best way to lose weight. You literally have to be like Phelps, the swimmer, ie exercise 24/7 and be able to eat 10,000 calories but 99% of us can’t do it.

    A moderate amount of exercise can make you feel better, prevent aches and pains and tone your body but if you go over that, you run into the same problems as couch potatoes, ie all sorts of knee, back, feet problems among other things.

    Nothing wrong with your group but to lose weight you don’t have to join any type of org.

    Just limit calories.

    If you want to lose weight you will, if not you won’t. Period.

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