Greenpoint is on Track this week! via wired

It’s gorgeous out, Greenpoint! And that’s not the only reason to celebrate. This week started out with some sweet news. On Monday, an MTA subway track inspector rescued that had wandered into the L tunnel. The hero, Edlin Cruz, caught up with the dog at Graham Avenue.

In other L-train news, Wired took a look at “The Dreamers of the L-Train Shutdown,” noting how the impending L-pocalypse has really spurred some quixotic creativity in New York, inspiring such proposals as gondolas, pontoon bridges, and inflatable bridges.

Meanwhile, the Village Voice asked, “Is the Rest of the Subway Ready for the L-Train Shutdown?” focusing on the impact that service changes will have on our beloved G train. For example, “No station illustrates the scale of the challenge, or raises questions about whether the MTA is doing enough to mitigate the impact of its own planned work, better than Court Square in Long Island City, where internal MTA documents warn that corridors could be “crush-loaded” once erstwhile L riders crowd onto the G.” Get ready for the crush, Greenpoint. 

Changes in the neighborhood came to the fore again this week as Curbed chronicled “The Last Vestiges of Greenpoint’s Post-Industrial Waterfront”, exploring the impact the 2005 rezoning has had on our neighborhood.

And, local residents are calling for some changes of their own. This week  a new federal Department of Transportation study found that the 20 largest waste haulers in the city were involved in 35 crashes between March 2014 and February 2016, including two fatal crashes. Here in Greenpoint, where Neftaly Ramirez was truck by an Action Carting driver in July, advocates are calling for reform.





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