Rev Yolanda Rocks the Pulpit at the Park Church Co-op. Via Brooklyn Paper

This week, New Yorkers have been making their voices heard underground, underwater and in church.

On Sunday, Rev. Yolanda, a Drag Queen who leads an inter-faith congregation in Bay Ridge, brought Drag Queen Story Hour to the Park Church Co-op (129 Russell Street) to help children master the art of kindness and encourage them to embrace diversity.  

But such positive vibes were lacking on Wednesday, when the MTA held its first L-Train Shutdown Open House, on Grand Street. WNYC reports that North Brooklynites, were, naturally, “puzzled and unimpressed” by the MTA.

If you can’t get behind the L-Pocalypse, maybe you’re more keen to dive into Newtown Creek. Probably not. But, the city is upgrading its wastewater system to prevent flooding into public waterways when it rains, and you might be able to help with the cleanup effort. Many private pipes, coming from homes and businesses, dump waste into public waterways. WNYC suggests that “if you see something, say something.” If a pipe is leaking and it’s not raining outside, you can call it into the Department of Environmental Protection.

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