New York City Council Member Stephen Levin is hosting a North Greenpoint Development meeting at the Polish Slavic Center (176 Java Street) on Wednesday, 11/8 at 6:30, where community members can engage with local developers around how new construction in the neighborhood will impact Greenpoint.

When: Wednesday, November 8, 6:30pm

Where: Polish Slavic Center (176 Java Street)

Who: Anyone interested in, curious, or concerned about how new construction will impact the neighborhood.



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  1. I will not be able to attend, but please make sure that street issues are discussed at this meeting!!

    – Construction companies have no legal right having workers block or close streets. Construction workers are not police officers. they have no authority making you detour.

    – If they happen to obtain permits for even hourly street closures, they must also make sure to put up detour signs and have police there directing traffic.

    – All double parking is illegal. Even for a 30 second drop off. Any vehicle found to be doing so, needs to be ticketed and towed on the spot. Not given a chance to even move.

    – Wythe Ave. needs to be totally redone. If construction is going to take place down the ONLY street directed to the BQE, then parking must be removed from Wythe. Either that or remove the Bike path and one side of parking. There is not enough space to get down that road during rush hour. If an Ambulance needed to go from Brooklyn Bowl > BQE @ 6pm… the person inside is as good as dead.

    1. This is perhaps the most narrow-minded, uninformed, arbitrary commentary I have ever read. You are clearly a fool that has no clue. Crawl back under your rock and leave the construction workers and double parkers alone ! Focus your energy on something useful!

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