Narayana Integrative Center (191 Nassau Ave) is hosting a stimulating workshop for women and men on Friday October 13th from 7-930pm, where you can dive deeper into what’s really happening “down there”—turns out, there’s much to be explored. Tantric experts Suriya and Gyanmurti will guide you through a discussion on female pleasure and vulnerability, while describing the various types of female orgasms and ways for a supportive partner to help his or her partner reach them. Tantric sex is widely known as a way to expand your consciousness and connection with your partner while achieving sensations that are out of this realm (really!). I’ll have what she’s having. Sign up here ($45 energy exchange).

How To Be A Tantric Woman and the Different Forms of Orgasms
Narayana Integrative Center | 191 Nassau Ave
Friday, October 13 | 7-930pm
Cost: $45, register here

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  1. Tantra can’t be reduced to a couples-only-eye-gazing experience. There are many alternate interpretations of this ancient practice (e.g., the solo-male focused website RitualsForTantra). But it’s still good to read about this spiritual/sexual practice getting more news coverage.

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