The ladies of The Habitat, Nicole Orlando and Ashley Engmann

Greenpointers, you’ve been a major tight-knit community. You poured in, drank, and reveled in the last days at the Habitat and shared your touching stories with us about our beloved watering hole. And now, two amazing ladies behind the Habitat need your help.

Nicole Orlando and Ashley Engmann were some of your favorite friendly faces (besides the Johns, of course) at the Habitat. Nicole poured your fave beers at the front and managed the bar, while Ashley was the chef behind your favorite dishes (those wings!). When the Habitat was nearing the end of its tenure, Nicole and Ashley were planning a new life full of hope: they would relocate to Puerto Rico for new opportunities. Then, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and now their dreams are on hold.

So Greenpointers, we’re calling on you to spread the word for Nicole and Ashley’s GoFundMe campaign. The gals are raising funds to bring relief to Puerto Rico and to help jumpstart their new lives.

Joe and his dog, Mona

Due to the tragic storm, their new homes are severely damaged and their flights are delayed until further notice. More so, Ashley’s boyfriend Joe – who moved to Puerto Rico last year to jumpstart their new business – couldn’t be located for nearly a week. The good news is that Joe made contact with Ashley via satellite phone, but is currently without water, gas, or electricity.

The dive shop in Rincon where Joe works—he and the local crew have been working to repair the roof after the hurricane—without power or water.

Nicole and Ashley want to use all of their funds to help rebuild their homes, lives, and their new community. Share and donate to the Habitat Hurricane now.


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