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Community Call: Help the Habitat Gals Rebuild After the Hurricane

The ladies of The Habitat, Nicole Orlando and Ashley Engmann

Greenpointers, you’ve been a major tight-knit community. You poured in, drank, and reveled in the last days at the Habitat and shared your touching stories with us about our beloved watering hole. And now, two amazing ladies behind the Habitat need your help.

Nicole Orlando and Ashley Engmann were some of your favorite friendly faces (besides the Johns, of course) at the Habitat. Nicole poured your fave beers at the front and managed the bar, while Ashley was the chef behind your favorite dishes (those wings!). When the Habitat was nearing the end of its tenure, Nicole and Ashley were planning a new life full of hope: they would relocate to Puerto Rico for new opportunities. Then, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and now their dreams are on hold. Continue reading

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Buy Raffles & Support Local Greenpoint Soup Kitchen Sandy Relief Efforts, too!

Greenpointers, GROUP HUG!

Aside from working hard all weekend to collect and distribute critical supplies to those in need after the devastation caused by Sandy, we have raised over $5000 to be donated to New York Cares. Thanks to local businesses and individuals who have donated over 50 amazing prizes!

Until now, I never understood how important this website could be in bringing the entire community together to help out fellow New Yorker during a time of such need! Be proud.

It was difficult to chose a charity and I never expected we would raise so much in such a short amount of time. I can literally sit and watch the donations coming in, minute by minute. The generosity is unbelievable!

With over a week to go, I am adding an additional option.

When you make your donation, you can chose your funds to benefit either New York Cares, or our local Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, who is working so hard, not only to feed hungry Greenpointers, but to prepare meals for those in shelter displaced by Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn.

As I write this, the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen is making over 400 sandwiches for elderly Brooklynites who are taking shelter at the armory. Their work is tireless and directly benefits hungry New Yorkers during this difficult time.

Both options enter you to win the same awesome prizes!

New York Cares Sandy Raffle Tickets $10

Greenpoint Soup Kitchen Sandy Raffle Tickets $10


The best part: whatever charity you chose, you will be entered to win the same awesome prizes! So consider making an additional donation, and up your odds of winning things like: 1 Year Cafe Grumpy Coffee Subscription ($240), Date Night for Two at Milk and Roses, Brooklyn Cruiser Bike ($499), $100 Gift Certificate to Dalaga, Weft & Warp Scarf ($250), a Baritone Ukulele from Pentatonic Guitars ($69) or many other wonderful prizes donated by local businesses in Greenpoint and nearby. 

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400 Lunches Needed For Frail Seniors Tomorrow (Monday 11/5) Via Greenpoint Soup Kitchen

Message from Pastor Ann:

“We just got a request from Councilman Brad Lander’s office: 400 lunches are needed for medically frail seniors staying in the shelter at the Armory. We need them delivered by 1pm.

Here’s the plan: Show up at the Greenpoint Reformed Church 136 Milton St. at 9am.

If you can, please bring bread, fruit, beverages, etc.

We’ll be working hard on this from 9am to noon. At noon, we’ll pack them in my car and drive them over.

For those of you staying up late, feel free to bake cookies, brownies, etc. and drop them off tomorrow morning.

Pastor Ann is going to attempt to coordinate this, since Ann Carroll needs a break. So please, be patient with her.

If anyone is good at organizing stuff like this, feel free to let her know and she’ll gladly put you in charge. Thanks for all the great work.

Please forward this around as I’m a little worried we might not have enough volunteers since most folks are going back to work and it’s early in the day tomorrow.”

Note: Let us remember that our local Greenpoint Soup Kitchen is not only feeding hungry Greenpointers but is working night and day to prepare food for victims of Hurricane Sandy who are staying in shelters.

If you cannot volunteer tomorrow, consider making a donation directly to Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, to help support these efforts.

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Help Clean North Brooklyn Boat Club Yard Tomorrow – Saturday 11/3

north brooklyn boat clubA message from North Brooklyn Boat Club:

“As you can probably imagine, our beloved Broadway Stages Boatyard was thoroughly flooded earlier this week when Hurricane Sandy hit. Water filled all the containers with waist levels of water as the flood surged all the way up to Dupont street (4 blocks past the yard). Many items were knocked around, a container pushed sideways and towards the creek, a rowboat lost to sea and then recovered – but overall we were fortunate and did not suffer any big losses or significant damage. We have already begun getting things back to where they belong and could use your help tomorrow to help get the yard in order and cleaned up! Grab a friend and some gloves (if you have them) and join us:

Cleanup Party
Saturday November 3rd
11am – 5pm
49 Ash St @ McGuinness Blvd

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Pratt Rockaways Sandy Relief Supply Drive; Greenpoint D/O Location Today

The Pratt Institute Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development (PSPD) department is collecting donations today to be brought down to the Rockaways.

Several students have been out in the Rockaways the past few days and have been absolutely appalled at the conditions.  PSPD has been in touch with Jeanne at Rockaway Waterfront Alliance and she said food and water is desperately needed.

Please read the following message from student Rebecca Crimmins:

On Saturday a truckload of goods will be headed out to the Rockaways (to the Firehouse at 59 St) and we need your help to fill it up! Please bring goods to Higgins Hall 406 before Friday night, there is a donation table on the studio side.

Greenpointers, if you want to contribute you can drop off items by me until about 3pm and I’ll bring them over – 59 Kent St #3G (buzzer 307)

Specific Requests in Rockaway and Far Rockaway (starred ones are most urgent):

* Canned food, non perishables
* bottled water
* Propane grill or camping style oven
* Plates, cups, forks, bowls, spoons, etc (disposable)
* blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, anything to keep folks warm
* cleaning supplies – buckets, squeegies, mops, bleach
* masks, gloves for cleaning
* batteries
* socks
* tarps
* garbage bags
gas stove
big paper, tape, markers
pens, paper, notepads
camping tables
gasoline containers
fire extinguishers
walkie talkies

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