Look in the mirror… Consider your mortality and wonder at the strange, complex reality of our urban density and proximity. Meet some young, ambitious artists who are new to Greenpoint. Taxidermy? Check. Indie record label? Check. Ceramic skulls? Check.

All of this in just a one mile stroll around McGolrick Park!

With over 400 Greenpoint artists participating in this year’s Greenpoint Open Studios, we encourage everyone attending to explore and wander among the studios all weekend! And for those of you looking for a place to kick off, we wanted to put together a few suggested routes, roughly 1 mile each, that could help you navigate the neighborhood.

Thank you for everyone participating! And congrats, Greenpoint!


This is #GOS2017 – see you there June 3 and 4!


231 Norman Ave.
White Balance Studio / Anna Morgowicz

Photography gives us the ability to create infinite worlds but I work with the simplicity of using real objects and space. I photograph objects in the most simple way. I approach my work playfully – experimenting with form, angles, poses and compositions. I subvert otherwise minimal images with a surreal edge. I use clean lines with odd geometry and unexpected forms to heighten the visual surprise and given a hint of the grotesque.


252 Norman Ave.
Apt 403
Mariah Dempsey

A young, energetic artist who is new to Greenpoint. I love to express myself through color and active brush strokes while merging the worlds of abstract and design.

681 Morgan Ave.
Various Artists

Featuring four participating artists, Matt Leines, Amber Maykut (taxidermist, featured image), and Maeve D’Arcy.


649 Morgan Ave.
Various Artists

Featuring two dozen participating artists, including GAIAearthpeace and Channel 9 Records, a record label formed by Danielle “Danz” Johnson of Computer Magic (featured image).


777 Meeker Ave.
Anne Spurgeon

Questions about transformation reoccur in my creative practice. My involvement began through performance, from playing guitar on stage, to creating private video performances about identity and the sense of public and private self. In the past five years my focus has moved away from the personal consciousness of the body, to the transformation of sculptural materials. Woodworking, textiles and metal processes inform my studio work.


4 Driggs Ave.
Beatrice Wolert

Working between genres of drawing, sculpture, painting, video, photography and installation, I explore notions of ephemerality, fragility, impermanence and spirituality. Everyday life, nature, design, craft and decoration inspire and inform my practice.


89 Driggs Ave.
Apt 2L
Anthony Rondinone
Evocative, melancholy, creepy. I want to leave a mark and make people feel something whether good or bad from looking at my work.


199 Engert Ave.
Apt 1R
Edwin Vera
For my most recent pottery I like to work in colored clays, porcelain and stoneware, to imitate the formation of igneous rocks and geodes using random layers of different colored clay “pebbles” and “sediment”, and then carving away the rough surface to expose the random patterns underneath.

Enjoy GOS 2017 and share your findings with #GOS2017

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