Thankfully one of our favorites, Good Room, is still rocking!

From large outdoor clubs to medium-sized rock n’ roll bars to tiny DIY venues to neighborhood staples that hosted local DJs, 2016 saw a lot of great spots disappear—and in an ultimate emo gutpunch, the closures happened right alongside the deaths of music legends David Bowie, Prince and George Michael. WTF 2016?!

So, after the jump, here’s our list of who in the neighborhood bit the dust this year. It’s worth mentioning that we’re hopeful about 2017; Brooklyn Steel will be opening in East Williamsburg this coming April, this past year Brooklyn Bazaar opened in the old Polonaise Terrace banquet hall, The Lot Radio opened in May and has quickly become a neighborhood fixture, and Secret Project Robot just signed a lease on a new space, and there are still plenty of great venues in the neighborhood to catch some great music.

Aviv (496 Morgan Ave.) – This DIY Venue closed in October, but we hear the owners will be back with a new project and we’re looking forward to it!

Black Bear Bar (70 N. 6th St.) – Black Bear Bar, a hangout for skaters and punks alike in the former Public Assembly and Galapagos space closed in September, disappointing regulars. It’s the same owner (Jessica Wertz) as No Name Bar on Manhattan Avenue (whose windows are papered over, supposedly for an update) and Lone Wolf on Broadway, which closed suddenly and transferred ownership. Perhaps owner Jessica Wertz is pulling out of the local venue scene?

Brooklyn Mirage (99 Scott Ave.) – This 6,000 person summertime hangout was pretty troubled from the start of the season; after multiple closures due to safety and fire hazard issues, and serving alcohol without a license on their opening weekend they very quickly joined the 2016 venue graveyard.


Daddy’s (437 Graham Ave.) – The closure of this neighborhood staple was a bit of a shock to those off the Graham L train, many of whom had been visiting the bar since it opened 15 years before. I’m sure I’m not alone for remembering having laid my head down on the circular-shaped bar probably more than once in my mid-20s, after a few too many frosty Margavezas. Tonight (December 30th) the bar will be hosting a closing night party that’s open to anyone wanting to pay their respects. The final night, New Year’s Eve, will be reserved just for friends and family.

The Grand Victory (245 Grand St.) – The Grand Vic bit the dust in the heat of the summer this year. We depended on its solid indie rock lineup and support of the local scene. Supposedly the owners will relocate and be back some time in 2017.

Manhattan Inn (632 Manhattan Ave.) – This closure really gutted lots of Greenpointers who counted on it not just for its eclectic selection of live music, but also for solid classic cocktails, live piano karaoke on Tuesday nights, and just generally being an awesome little neighborhood spot that was helping keep Greenpoint’s music scene lively and unique. Rest in peace, Manhattan Inn.

Over The Eight – For some neighborhood vinyl DJs, Over The Eight was a casual spot to practice your skills. And for local comedians, the bar/restaurant/venue was one of the few spots around you could count on to host experimental comedy shows. Over The Eight, we ain’t quite over you yet. You can get your final chance to hang there and dance this Saturday night on New Years Eve.

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  1. Other places that closed their doors, i think all in December
    -Cafecito Bogota
    -Mr. Souvlaki
    -Mrs. kims

    Crazy year for Greenpoint!

    1. RIP The Palace/Goodmans! We didn’t list The Palace Cafe in this post as it was a bar/food establishment and not really a music venue.

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