Sunday Snaps – McCarren Park Greenmarket!

“Our farm is in West Pawlet, in southern Vermont. We sell a variety of raw cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses, also maple syrup!” – Yvette of Consider Bardwell Farm

“We are a third generation farm about 100 miles north of here. We’ve had registered cows since 1941. We grow all our own feed, milk the cows, everything. We bottle milk, make ice cream, butter, yogurt. We support 15 employees and don’t use any synthetic hormones or antibiotics!” – Pete of Ronnybrook Farm
“I grow a wide variety of cacti and succulents in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I’ve been growing them in a greenhouse there since 1971, this is my seventh year participating at the McCarren Greenmarket.” – Richard of Far Out Cacti
“All of these breads are baked by women in our program, many of whom are low-income immigrants. We love to offer quality, delicious products and also help support people through our mission.” – Tenzin of bakery and non-profit Hot Bread Kitchen


“We’re a family-owned bakery out of Linden, New Jersey. We’ve been going to markets for over 35 years. Right now, we have a lot of special Thanksgiving stuff, including pumpkin and apple pies.” – Baker’s Bounty


“We’re located on Migliorelli Farm in Red Hook (the town) in upstate New York. The farm grows all of the barley that we use in the beer. Right now, we have a peach saison made with all NY-sourced ingredients, a cherry saison, a red ale, an American pale ale, a black ale and a stout.” – Jake of From the Ground Brewing

























“We’re a family-run bakery in Gowanus. We sell a lot of unique and delicious breads. I love working the Saturday market, it’s just a lot of smiling people, great interactions and quality products. My favorite is the almond croissants.” – Chelsea of Runner & Stone
“We are located in West Winfield, in upstate New York. Right now we’re focusing on Thanksgiving turkeys, which are all free range. For the rest of the year, we do chicken, rabbit, pork, beef, lamb, and also organically fed soy free eggs.” – Amber of Violet Hill Farm

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Originally from just north of Baltimore, Erik became enchanted with the country-tinged outlaw folk of Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, and Guy Clark while studying journalism in North Carolina. As a direct result, he moved to Austin as soon as he could, where he saw a lot of music, recorded a little of his own, and honed a strong appreciation for brisket, New Orleans, and a generally slower and more inquisitive approach to life. Having just moved to Greenpoint from Austin, Erik aims to explore the mellow charms of his beloved new neighborhood with the same quietly searching eyes.

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  1. Liz Carollo says:

    Beautiful photos and just FYI for readers – this market is open every SATURDAY year-round in McCarren Park (btw the dog run and the track).


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