Gandalf – Hang On To A Dream (1969)

Kicking off our series of local shops pulling together some of their favorite music for us, we have a mostly-vintage, acoustic-twinged and quite moody playlist from local vinyl source Record Grouch (986 Manhattan Avenue).

This is the kind of playlist you want to gently put on for a chilly and drizzly Sunday morning, while you curl up on the couch with a blanked sipping hot tea and reading zines. And by the time the Donna Summer track hits in the last half, your inner fire will truly be lit.

If you haven’t been down to Record Grouch, the cozy little shop’s got an eclectic mix of r&b, punk, metal, rock, kraut, and psych. You’ll find some rarer gems mixed amongst stuff you really should own but probably don’t have yet. This playlist, in addition to being Fall-themed, is a reflection of some of the things you might find there digging through the bins.

And if you don’t use Spotify, below are all the tracks on YouTube (not that we’re recommending ripping them, or anything. Ahem.)


Old and New Downer Vibes as Things Turn Towards Cold
1. Beach Boys “Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (W. Woodpecker Symphony)” (Brother 1967)
2. P.G. Six “Old man on the Mountain” (Amish 2004)
3. Bridget St. John “Making Losing Better” (Dandelion 1971)
4. Yo La Tengo “Season of the Shark” (Matador 2003)
5. Small Faces “The Autumn Stone” (Immediate 1969)
6. Gandalf “Hang on to a Dream” (Capital 1969)
7. Peter Jefferies and Robbie Muir “A Chorus of Interludes” (Ajax 1992)
8. Scott Walker “It’s Raining Today” (Philips 1969)
9. Pink Floyd “The Scarecrow” (Columbia 1967)
10. Donna Summer “Autumn Changes” (Casablanca 1976)
11.  Rotary Connection “Paper Castle” (Cadet Concept 1968)
12. Tubeway Army “Are ‘friends’ Electric?” (Beggars Banquet 1979)
13. Melvins “Shevil” (Atlantic 1994)
14. Chris Watson “The Lapaich” (Touch 2003)

Record Grouch | 986 Manhattan Avenue

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