‏@yukonakamura_ph: Beautiful day in greenpoint.

I had a whole theme planned for this week’s concert update.

It had something to do with music in people’s personal vs. professional lives.

But I just took the dog for a walk and it is, simply, Amazing Summer outside right now. All the local employees and freelancers are basking in the sun and socializing.

No sense in me slowing you down with themes. We’ll get right to the concert update instead, and please please please spend some time outside in Greenpoint or Williamsburg today.

Have you had a Japanese breakfast before? It’s pretty wild. Dried fish is involved, and pickled things. Try it next time you’re bored with the idea of a regular brunch.


A simple Google search turns one up at Okonomi. It’s off Lorimer on Ainslie, two blocks south of Metropolitan.

If you’d rather hear lovely atmospheric pop band Japanese Breakfast, they premiere their new album at Shea Stadium tonight (3/31).

The opening acts for that show are strong as well: Bethlehem Steel, Adult Mom, and Emily Reo. (The venue link above opens up preview tracks for all the bands). Doors open at 8 and tickets are $10.

photo by @mintaburst

On Friday (4/1), Weezer is doing an album signing at Rough Trade. Here’s the deal: Buy their new album starting at 11 AM and you get 1 wristband for their show at 6 PM.

Yesterday they had an enthusiastic crowd lining up two hours early at Warsaw, everyone wearing their little Burger King spangly new crowns in tribute to the band, with a tiara or two subbing in at times.

Keep in mind it’s April Fool’s Day on Friday.

And the band is known for joking around. No guarantees.

Folk man Robyn Hitchcock is at The Grand Victory on Saturday (4/2), playing with Emma Swift. It is, of course, sold out. Robyn Hitchcock, people! But the show starts at 7 pm and you are a local so if you’ve been to The Grand Victory before you know how to pay your money down and stick around, if you know what I mean.

Your best chance is the next day Sunday (4/3), when they play there at 8 pm.

Here are Robyn and Emma on the YouTube in case you wimp out both days.

I’ve been giving you a lot of big-name acts, and here’s one more: Pokey LaFarge is at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday, and at this time tickets are still available! It’s modernized old-timey music and just a lot of fun.

OK, post is done, it’s time for me to take my winter-bloated body out for a tan.

But I’ll see you out at the clubs. Look for the tall guy with big pants and a tan.

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