The owner of the Dokebi dynasty, Chul Kim, has opened a new Korean store in Greenpoint called Kimchee Market.

But this isn’t your mom’s traditional Korean greengrocer. Kimchee Market offers freshly-made local kimchi and rare Korean cooking ingredients that you can’t find anywhere else in North Brooklyn. Plus, Kimchee Market sells fresh, locally-raised vegetables from Straight Out of the Ground, a CSA and farm near Roxbury, New York.

Kimchee Market is providing tasty local varieties of pumpkin, kale, red leaf lettuce, spinach and Japanese mustard spinach from the Catskills farm just for Greenpoint residents, in addition to its kimchi and groceries.


Mrs. Joo is the sous chef responsible for kimchi making, and kimchi varieties include scallion, radish and cucumber.

Their most popular variety is the traditional Napa cabbage kimchi.

Kimchee market also has specialty Korean items such as ssamjang, a Korean pepper soybean paste used for lettuce wraps, somyun, a thin wheat noodle, kalguksu, (traditionally) handcut wheat noodles, pajun Korean savory pancake mix, bindaetteok ground mung bean pancake mix, anchovies for stir-frying, vinegar, soy sauce and sticky rice.

Oh, and there’s junk food! The famous Lotte Korean choco pie, shrimp crackers, Chapagetti, and of course, Chilsung Cider (Korea’s 7-up, only better), are all available for your K-drama binging night pleasure.

The market also serves lunch and dinner items such as the delicious dosirak kimbap plates, featuring rustic Korean nori rolls, kimchi, rice, bulgogi and salad.

For the cook looking to make a perfect crispy rice bibimbap that’s served hot and fresh at home, the market sells dolsots, the stone bowls you can heat up to make bibimbap in.

Kimchee Market is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day at 191 Greenpoint Avenue near the corner of McGuinness.

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