Where the magic happens for Pro Cupid Christian Rudder. ©Douglas Elliman

Is Greenpoint better off than it was 10 years ago? Are hipsters more like termites or ants? Depends on who you ask. Curbed ran a thoughtful rebuttal to Wired’s “before and after” photo essay bemoaning the effects of gentrification, which, if we’re being fair, is sometimes a careful architect and not so much a destructive force of nature.

Uh oh, G Train trouble! A derailment last night near Hoyt-Schermerhorn is what’s causing your limited service woes today.

If you didn’t already know, Beloved is no longer. For what it’s worth, it was the one place in town where you could get negronis on the house on the occasion of the bartender’s dog’s birthday. The dog’s name was Negroni.

No Saturday afternoon plans? Score a free lunch and do something nice for your neighbors. Volunteers are congregating at the Greenpoint Reformed Church (136 Milton Street) at 10am to pick up trash in exchange for free food from Adelina’s, Cachaco, Cup & Compass, Esme, and Jungle Cafe.


There’s a new 19-story tower coming to Greenpoint’s waterfront, and it looks like “mixed-use” and “affordable housing” are figuring into the plans. Let’s hope the odds are better than they were for 1133 Manhattan.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to encounter the new East River Skate Shop (well, new since May), here’s a quick look at what may be the beginning of Greenpoint’s skateboard revolution.

The New York Times took a break from its usual exploration of Brooklyn’s youth culture to bring us an expose on its more woo-woo side. Local esoteric hotspot Maha Rose offers tarot readings, laughter therapy, and spiritual speed-dating. Tell your friends.

A Lutheran church in the neighborhood has rebranded itself as a co-op open to people of all religious persuasions, as well as all kinds of off-beat activities such as “Dancorcism” and “Punk Rope.” According to Pastor Amy Kienzle, it was ordained by Jesus himself.

Ever wonder what it’s like to launch a successful dating site and live out the rest of your bohemian days in a $2.1 million townhouse? Here’s a look inside OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder’s new Lorimer St. dream pad. Who knows. Maybe if you befriend him he’ll give you A-List status.

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