Before, it served two purposes. You came to Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball because you either wanted to do your laundry, or you wanted to play a machine from the incredible collection of pinball. Or, of course, you wanted to hang out with the owner Peter and his awesome lab Choco.

Now, you’ll have so many more reasons. Sunshine, in case you haven’t noticed while walking past on your bleary-eyed morning stumble to Upright, has got a brand new bag.

These are pre-renovation photos of the space, but you can see what flair Sunshine has for brightening up the weekly drudge work of scrubbing the makeup and wine stains from your clothes.


If you stop in for a pinball game after work, there are still a couple games up during the renovation, namely Monster Bash.


The process has been in the works for a long time. Peter, who decided that if he had a laundromat he’d have to make it fun in order to not die of the doldrums, has been planning the renovation for many months.

Most excitingly, there will be a separate pinball room, pinball repair, live music and alcohol. Well, wine and beer, but that’s the best addition to laundry night I’ve heard of in a long time. See a show and drink a beer during the hour and a half I’d normally be waiting for my laundry to finish? Sure.


There will be more high-end pinball machines, and Peter estimates that 20 to 25 will be available to play at any given time. He says they’ll be “NYC’s only dedicated and fully equipped pinball repair shop” and I’m sure pinball enthusiasts in the five boroughs and beyond with a messed-up Cirqus Voltaire will appreciate that.


There will also be a separate space for events. Sunshine throws the best private parties in Greenpoint. I might be prejudiced because I had my birthday there last year, and Peter made it the best birthday ever, with lights, tiki decorations, a helium balloon machine, snacks, speakers and my favorite party highlight: a cute dog. Peter even put ice in the washers so we could fill turn them into beer fridges.


The new Sunshine will feature a beautiful century-old bar with beer and wine, new lighting, ceilings and walls, new restrooms, new green heating and air conditioning, and new clothes dryers.


“New floors and washing machines will hopefully come a bit down the road,” Peter said.

When will the renovations be finished?

“We are working to have everything done by Halloween but refuse to rush anything as we want all to be as close to perfect as possible,” Peter said. “Once ready, we expect to have some opening events.”

As long as Choco is there, folding laundry, the events will surely be a hit.


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  1. This looks cook and all, but it is incredibly precious that the very same website that was playing the sympathy violins for watch repair shop without a lease as the face of gentrification victimization not more than a few weeks ago, is now promoting the very store that evicted her.

    Incredibly precious. Bespoke mayonnaise and hand knitted bowtie precious. Kim vs. Kim.

    Pinball is cool as hell though.

  2. Yeah, it is the perfect embodiment of entitled hipster garbage. Complete with it’s own kick a long term resident out story- way to go!

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