Steve's Meat Market © Rosie de Belgeonne

Calling all local store owners! Can you spare a few moments to be photographed in your shop?

Greenpointers food editor Rosie de Belgeonne is embarking on a photography project with the aim of documenting as many local businesses as possible.

As we all know too well, the neighborhood is changing rapidly, so now seems like the perfect time to make a visual record of the very special community we have here in Greenpoint.

So…butchers, bakers, travel agents, hairdressers, dry cleaners…if you run ANY kind of store, Rosie would love to photograph you!

Driggs Ave. Laundromat ©Rosie de Belgeonne

Each photo shoot is very brief (less than 5 mins) and would involve one photograph of you inside your shop, and one of you out in front of your store.


Everyone who takes part will be supplied with high-res digital images of the photographs.

If you’re interested in taking part (or if anyone has suggestions of particular stores to document) please email

Thank you!

P.Devito's Paint Store © Rosie de Belgeonne

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