Bread Brothers Daniel (centre), Jeremy and David

Bagels, delicious bagels! With their amazing array of freshly baked goods and delicious cream cheeses, the brand new Bread Brothers Bagel Cafe will make you crave bagels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

With two shops already in the North Brooklyn Area (one by the Montrose L stop and one by the Grand Street L stop), the Greenpoint branch (912 Manhattan Avenue between Greenpoint and Kent) aims to “serve the neighborhood high-quality and delicious food.”

Bagel Brother Daniel Rosen (who co-owns the shop with brothers Jeremy and David) has had flour-selling in the family since 1917.  All of their baking is done on site, even the muffins and turnovers. The bagels are first hand cut, then rolled, put in the walk-in fridge for a day, boiled, decorated (with poppy seeds, garlic, etc.), and then baked. They are plump and perfect, the way New York bagels are supposed to be.

While they have 30 types of New York bagels (including various wholewheat and pumpernickel flavors), they are most known for the wide range of cream cheeses they carry. Rosen calls the Bagel Brothers “a gelateria of cream cheese.” They have six different tofu cream cheese options, lox scallion cream cheese, bacon scallion cream cheese, garlic and herb, jalapeno, cucumber dill, and so many more flavors that it’s impossible to list them all.

A mouth-watering array of cream cheese

The strawberry cream cheese was the best I have ever tasted and reminded me of cupcake frosting: smooth, delicious and sweet (but not overly so). The veggie cream cheese was fresh and full of crispy delicious veggies; even though I’m not normally a fan of tofu cream cheese, I found the cinnamon walnut version to be very tasty.


Unique to Bread Brothers also are the hours – they are open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Most bagel places close much earlier, so this will be appreciated by those craving carbs later in the day. They serve breakfast all day, but also have a very expansive menu. You can make your own salad, get a smoothie or juice at the juice bar,  build a burger (meat, turkey, and veggie), get a wrap, or even a quesadilla. There are various kinds of fish (including smoked salmon, fresh salmon, herring, Spanish tuna), as well as hummus and prepared salads.

A favorite of Rosen’s  is the Walk Tall sandwich – chicken cutlet with panko breadcrumbs, Indiana bacon, American cheese, and Russian dressing.

With options for meals every time of the day, and free wifi, this bagel shop should definitely be on your list of places to visit. The quality will be good because, as Rosen says, “If it’s not fresh, I don’t want to serve it”and with such a huge menu and long opening hours, they will no doubt find themselves inundated with hungry customers.

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  1. place is terrible. they make you tell them your name. the bagels barely have any coating, and they don’t really toast them. the cream cheese is excessive and too cold. if you are slightly grumpy in the morning stay away, day ruiner. welcome to the neighborhood posers!

  2. Second the first comment. We’ve long needed a new bagel place. Baker’s Dozen can be so disorganized and their eggs are greasy piles. Looking forward to trying Bread Brothers. Carb country, ho!

  3. I’m guessing this is a sponsored post and the positive commenters just haven’t actually eaten a bagel from this place. I was really looking forward to this place when I saw the signage go up as baker’s dozen is not good. Somehow the bagels at bread brothers are even worse. The bagels are really bad. They’re enormous dough bombs with a tough crust. I do appreciate that they’re open late-ish at least. The ordering “system” was also dumb. I hope that bread brothers can work on their bagels, because it looks like our only hope for now. I’m thinking about opening a stand where I sell bagels that I buy from Bagel Oasis, although why doesn’t bread brothers just do that?

  4. I live across the street from this one, and have gone to the one on Bushwick ave for awhile. More often than not, maybe 75% of the time, they screw up an order or it takes an OBSCENE amount of time. But…Good sandwiches.

  5. Ordered from here for delivery through Seamless. Although they did mess up my order-was suppose to get a platter-got combo of tuna and egg salad on a pumpernickel everything bagel. It was very good. The salads were fresh and the bagel was delicious. I will definitely order again and try to stop by to see all the choices.

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