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Dear Greenpointers,

There is no funny or cheerful way to put this. There will be no G train service between Nassau Ave and Court Square in Queens from Friday, June 25th (at 10:30pm) through Tuesday September 2nd (5am). Service operates between Church Ave and Nassau Ave.

There will be free shuttle buses providing service at all times. Manhattan Ave shuttle buses run between Nassau Ave and Court Sq, stopping at Greenpoint Ave and 21 St. McGuinness Blvd shuttle buses run between Lorimer St and Court Sq, stopping near stations at Nassau Ave, Greenpoint Ave and 21 St.

• Transfer between Manhattan Av buses and trains at Nassau Ave.
• Transfer between McGuinness Blvd buses and trains at Lorimer St/Metropolitan Ave.

Sometimes retail therapy can ease the pain and these folks created the above t-shirt to make you feel an itty bit better during this difficult time.


Calvin Jai Jamison wrote in about the t-shirt line:

So it seems that the G Train has created it’s own sub culture in brooklyn. A common enemy young, old, hipster and…non-hipster…(what’s the opposite of a hipster?) can rally against. If you arrive late to something, a simple “G-Train.” Suffices as an explanation. Last year, I got 24 stitches in my head. When people saw the bandage I simple explained “I was running to catch the G-Train.” And they would nod knowingly. 

I invite you to take a minute to either lament in the comments or share your own unique G train story to make us all feel a little bit better about commuting from Greenpoint during the next month.

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