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One view of art is that the artist’s role is to create not for themself alone, but for the community they are a member of. This community centered view of art prioritizes the concept of resonance. Something is said to be resonant when it is able to move beyond itself as a point of origin and reverberate deeply throughout its environment. Are you resonant as an artist? Here are a few opportunities for you to let your work reverberate in your Brooklyn community.

Over 80,000 fans will soon descend on Brooklyn for Nothside Festival. In conjunction with Williamsburg Walks and Triskelion Arts Bedford Ave. will be transformed into a colossal open air gallery. Northside is currently seeking proposals for live painting, street art, interactive installations, workshops, sculpture and performance art. The deadline for submissions is May 12th, so get cracking!

© Bushwick Film Festival

Are you an independent film maker or new media artist? Submissions for the 2014 Bushwick Film Festival is now open! The regular deadline is June 15th and the final deadline is June 30th. Not a filmmaker, but looking to get involved? Bushwick Film Festival is also looking for marketing and social media volunteers as well as writers.

Speaking of writers, are you  Greenpointer with a passion for the Brooklyn art scene and a graphomaniac’s compulsion to write? Greenpointers is organizing a crack team of journalists, bloggers and gonzo bohemians with their ears to the pavement to cover the upcoming Greenpoint Gallery Night on Friday, May 9th. Hit us up at art@Greenpointers.com to learn more.

None of these options tickle your fancy, but still want to put yourself out there as an artist? Submit a photo of your work to art@Greenpointers.com and have it featured on Greenpointers eGallery, a forthcoming roundup of the hood’s best art.


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