Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin Welcomes you to dine at Le Gamin

There lived a certain man in Russia long ago
He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow.

In tribute to Russia’s greatest love machine, this Monday 4/7 Greenpoint’s Le Gamin will be hosting a splendid  three course buffet-style dinner complete with vodka toasts for $30 per person.

The celebration will mark the 99th Anniversary of the Yar Restaurant incident wherein a drunken Rasputin (or perhaps an impersonator) famously exposed himself to diners before being chased off the premises.

Co-hosts The Center For Investigative Research promise that no re-enactments will occur but instead they will present a brief biographical talk on the Mad Monk, with musical interludes from Brent Arnold, who’ll be rendering Russian folk tunes on the cello.

The three-course buffet dinner will feature:
– Homemade blini with smoked fish and caviar
– Homemade 21-ingredient borscht fit for a Tsar (not vegetarian), with Pelmenyi (meat & mushroom dumplings) and salad
– A recreation of the cyanide-laced petits fours served to the Rasputin as his last meal (minus the cyanide)
– Two hearty vodka toasts.


Oh, those Russians…

Time: 7pm-11pm (Presentation at 8:30pm)
Place: Le Gamin Cafe – 108 Franklin Street, Greenpoint
Price: $30
Contact: 612 227 8013

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