The biker and pedestrian have wings...Right Of Way Speed Sign (Image: Daily News)

After traffic tragedy after tragedy after tragedy in North Brooklyn, we all agree that something has to be done (aside from ticketing jaywalkers) about speeding – (especially on McGuinness Blvd) to prevent future traffic related deaths.

Politicians spend time writing press releases and DOT – whose “top priority is safety” – drag their feet through bureaucratic muck, while street safety activists Right of Way, take care of business. Apparently their mothers also told them, “if you need to get the job done, sometimes you have to do it yourself.” 

Joe Lentol with Right of Way Folks (Image: Right of Way)

“There are currently dozens of communities that have applied for Slow Zones and await groundbreaking while people are dying,” Right of Way organizer Keegan Stephan told the Greenpoint Gazette.

Over the weekend the guerrilla “direct action street justice group” installed signs that read “20 is Plenty” across Brooklyn, including Greenpoint. They don’t want us to blow up the spots of where they placed them, so the signs can stay up longer and do their thing, which is to make drivers slow the F down and hopefully prevent some traffic accidents.

If you’re a driver and you’re reading this – slow the F down! Or just stop driving altogether – the city would be a much less congested peaceful and cleaner place.


Good old Joe Lentol was also supportive of Right of Way’s efforts. God I love that guy.

Be safe, Greenpoint!

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  1. these are great. one went up near me on a quiet street that cars blow through at top speed all the time. it’s concerning, there’s kids playing and stuff and people tear through like bats out of hell. glad to see the signs, although i wish they were permanent!

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