Fatal Accident on McGuinness Blvd & Nassau Ave © Miguel Rodriguez

It is with extreme sadness that we report that 32 year old Nicole Detweiler was killed last night on McGuinness Blvd and Nassau Ave in Greenpoint after being struck by two vehicles, a BMW and a box truck. The driver of the truck was arrested for driving without a license.

Our hearts are with Nicole’s family and friends at this terrible time. 

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This incident is a tragic reminder to be safe and aware, especially when crossing this dangerous street. We all have experienced trucks and cars recklessly speeding along this strip. This roadway must be made safer for pedestrians. And we MUST protect ourselves and not take the risk of crossing against the light or using our cell phones while crossing.

More information from the accident scene at NBC.


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  1. I am so sorry for the loss. I am a former Greenpointer and I always hated that intersection. Prayers to the family and friends. I hope they do something to make it safer.

  2. My heart goes out the friends and family of Nicole. We’ve all had it with McGuinness. Hoping the proposal OUTRAGE at St. Nick’s Alliance and I put together for funding a Truck re-routing proposal on McGuinness, via the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund, gets approved shortly. This danger needs to be fixed immediately – no more lives can be lost. McGuinness can be designed to reunite the neighborhood.

    Again, my heart goes out to all that are suffering.

  3. I went to school with Nik. We just lost another of our classmates this week as well. This was so unexpected and such a tragedy. She was a very creative and hard working person. She loved people and was a great friend. She was taken to Early from us. I hope the police look at all the evidence and if it warrants it press manslaughter charges against them. Her family and friends will miss her dearly. Please make sure you guys make this intersection and all the intersections in the 5 boroughs safer so this won’t happen again. She was living her dream a small town girl making it big in the Big Apple!!! RIP Nik

  4. Quite honestly if this young lady was on her cell phone and crossing against the light there is nothing that needs to be done. People need to be more cognizant of their surroundings. As far as charges for the drivers: they had the light. Ms. Detweiller was in the wrong. I find it unfortunate that there’s a backlash against the drivers; if you take your chances and get struck by a car, or two vehicles in this case, that is your fault. I understand she was from a small town, but New York City is not a small town, and McGuinness BLVD is not a one way street.

    1. Jaywalking — if that is what this woman had done — shouldn’t be an automatic death sentence. If she was hit by the first car, then the second car should have ben traveling at a rate that would give him enough time to react. The speed limit on McGuinness Boulevard is 30mph. Trucks and vans routinely (nearly 70% of the time according to a recent study) exceed that speed.

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