Yuka’s Cute Museum: Upcycled Apple Computer Cat Beds

Upcycled Apple Cat Bed

You know Yuka! She is the adorable and wonderful person who designs and shoots our market photo booth…

Yuka Miyata : Cute Curator

She also is an unofficial curator of cuteness. Her personal Facebook page is a daily stream of baby animals and strange inventions – all are sickeningly sweet and genius.

You wonder – where does she find this stuff?

I want to hire her to professionally collect and share cute stuff for Greenpointers – for everyone’s mental health! 

Pink Poodle Spray Cover

If you ever come to our HQ you can meet our pink poodle spray bottle cover. It’s from Japan. Yuka gave it to me. That’s what awesome friends do; they give you awesome shit. You may think it’s stupid, but it makes me happy and happiness is NOT stupid. I know you want one…

We also need a name for it. Any ideas?

Today Yuka posted the above Upcycled Apple Computer Cat (or dog) Beds, which you can buy on AtomicAttic’s Etsy page.

I can’t. I really just can’t…That cat is so happy right now.

You may be saying to yourself $129 for that?! Again, happiness for yourself (and more importantly your cat) is priceless. Plus it comes with a removable machine washable slipcover as well as a fluffy cushion (in a variety of colors and patterns). And yes, they are made in Oregon.

Don’t you think Yuka should contribute a weekly Cuteness post for Greenpointers? All that cuteness needs to be shared with the world! In the meantime I will just post on her behalf…

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