Celebrate Violet Pepper’s One Year Anniversary This Weekend!


Jade Elzien in her shop, Violet Pepper.

When Franklin Street first started to become a shopping destination, one of the first people I met there was Jade Elzien, who was then working at one of Greenpoint’s earliest boutiques, Dalaga. Her upbeat attitude, warmth and genuine personality helped me feel comfortable and excited for what the neighborhood had in store. So it was very exciting to find out that she was opening her OWN boutique, Violet Pepper (688 Manhattan Ave.) last summer.

To celebrate the shop’s first year, Violet Pepper‘s hosting a big celebration with sales Friday July 25-Sunday 27th. Everything will be 20% off and sale items an extra 20% off. On Saturday the 26th there will be an added bonus of Brooklyn Brewery beers!

A little more about Jade and her journey from friendly Greenpoint neighbor to independent Greenpoint business owner after the jump! Continue reading

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Our Spring Market is for the Birds!

Birds! Bird! Birds! at our Spring Market on 4/13!

When I think of Spring, I think of sparrows chirping, woodpeckers uh… pecking and mockingbirds kicking people’s asses in Transmitter Park! Our Spring Market on 4/13/14 – will not leave out our feathered friends who have migrated home after privileged tropical vacations – little bastards! These creations from our featured vendors are cute enough to undo any lingering cold weather bitterness.

Some editor’s picks include:

• Swallow in Flight Love Card by Fox + Heart Cards – $5

Songbird Skeleton Necklace by J.Topolski – $50

Sea Salt Cushion Cover by M.N. Davis & Son – $32

Bluebird Punch Needly by Harp & Thistle Stitchery – $37

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Afternoon Delight: Baby Seal Survives Newtown Creek!

Photo Courtsey of NYCDEP/SEAN SCAGLIONE, Hearts by me

Today has been a bit brutal with some heavy news. So we figured we’d lighten the mood with this adorable baby seal that decided to sunbathe yesterday on the banks of the Newtown Creek Nature Walk.

Harpy the Harp Seal, as we will now call him, was spotted by a very responsible group of teens, who called the police to report his presence. Meanwhile Harpy finished sunbathing and jumped back into the filthy water for a refreshing swim to the East River.

One of the more articulate teens described the seal as looking like a “fat dog.”

Kimberluy Durham, rescue project director with Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation, told the Daily News that the Harpy was healthy and alert, saying that juvenile harp seals sometimes do go up creek.

We’re just relieved that he didn’t go the way of Sludgy, the Gowanus  whale. This seal is a survivor.


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Yuka’s Cute Museum: Upcycled Apple Computer Cat Beds

Upcycled Apple Cat Bed

You know Yuka! She is the adorable and wonderful person who designs and shoots our market photo booth…

Yuka Miyata : Cute Curator

She also is an unofficial curator of cuteness. Her personal Facebook page is a daily stream of baby animals and strange inventions – all are sickeningly sweet and genius.

You wonder – where does she find this stuff?

I want to hire her to professionally collect and share cute stuff for Greenpointers – for everyone’s mental health!  Continue reading

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I Found This Cat… Sam The Cat

Sam the Cat was taken in after living on the streets for more than a year. It was right before last week’s snowstorm when we found her and she was cold and very hungry, but she was really starving for affection. She was likely abandoned and isn’t into the street cat life. She loves cuddles, soft blankets and warmth. LOOK AT THAT FACE!

We brought her to the vet and she was healthy, FELV/FIV negative and likely already spayed. Her age is unknown – she isn’t a kitten and not geriatric. She has been treated for fleas and though she tested negative for parasites, we are treating her – just in case.

She is good with dogs and other cats and loves people.

If you can find room in your home and heart for this sweet creature please consider it. Or if you know someone who needs a loving and mellow companion, please share this. She will make a great pet.

No adoption fee. All vet bills have been paid.

Interested? Email me greenpointers at or call or text 718-791-7607.

Thanks in advance for any help with getting Sam The Cat into her “FUREVER HOME.”

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Featured Vendor: Classic Baby Tux

You’re going to get a real kick out of our Holiday Market featured vendor The Classic Baby Tux. I mean what else are you going to put your infant in at the next wedding or formal event?

In 1981 Kathy Sharon, a new Mom, fashion illustrator and dabbling clothing designer, created a one piece, cotton knit Baby Tuxedo with classic undertails for infants to wear to formal events.

The Classic Baby Tux was a huge success, reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, NYT, Money Magazine and worn by Prince William – for real!

Now, in 2013, The Classic Baby Tux remains amusing and comfy for baby, still classic!

Learn more in this adorable Classic Baby Tux video! Continue reading

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