Yuka’s Cute Museum: Upcycled Apple Computer Cat Beds

Upcycled Apple Cat Bed

You know Yuka! She is the adorable and wonderful person who designs and shoots our market photo booth…

Yuka Miyata : Cute Curator

She also is an unofficial curator of cuteness. Her personal Facebook page is a daily stream of baby animals and strange inventions – all are sickeningly sweet and genius.

You wonder – where does she find this stuff?

I want to hire her to professionally collect and share cute stuff for Greenpointers – for everyone’s mental health!  Continue reading

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Featured Vendor: Type A Fibers

Amy Wilson taught herself how to spin wool as a way to unwind and unplug from the stresses of urban life. It soon became more than just a hobby, and a few years later, she runs a successful Etsy shop, Type A Fibers, and sells her homespun yarns at local markets.

When you think about spinning, you might picture a bonnet-wearing woman on the porch of a farm house somewhere in rolling country hills. But Amy’s yarn is unmistakably cool, and very much a product of her home. It’s an art form that she has crafted locally and creatively– a process that inspires us to think about where and how our clothes are made. Continue reading

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Featured Vendor: Tamara Garvey

Greenpointers is no stranger to the talents of local illustrator, Tamara Garvey. In fact, she is a regular contributor to our weekly Hook Up, providing visual depictions of everything from celebrity christmas trees to sophisticated nail art .

Tamara’s whimsical drawings of nature, wild creatures, and adorably fiendish burglars will emerge from her Etsy page to make a special appearance at our Fall Market on 10/12. 

The artist herself gave us some details about her experiences with freelancing, card-making, and burglar-drawing.

Continue reading

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BK Etsy Find: PinkBabyMouse

This Etsy store not only caught my eye because it features a cat in a cone; if you’re a cat owner you can relate, but the story behind the store’s name is pretty insane, too. “Pink Baby Mouse Shop is named after my first business, which was breeding mice. I specialize in hand made, unique pieces with a sense of humor.” I wonder what she was breeding mice for? Pets? Labs? Snake Food? Other characters include a Chihuahua Superhero.

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Featured Artist: WEBCATS

How much do cats rule? When you can’t get enough cats in real life, check out WEBCATS, a series of hilarious cat drawings along with sarcastic and witty phrases that only a cat would be thinking. Greenpoint artist Scott Chasse is the brains behind Webcats. We started worrying about Scott when he began obsessively using Tumblr to post hundreds and hundreds of cat photos daily.

Scott is previously recognized for his obsession with painting Burt Reynolds so the obsessive part wasn’t a surprise, but cats? He is elusive about why cats are his focus, even though he is an avid cat lover and owner of a very handsome feline. My guess is it’s a riff on the internet itself, because apparently the two biggest searches online are porn and you guessed it – cats.

WEBCATS is not only on the web, you can now purchase screen printed t-shirts made by Scott right here in Greenpoint. When the entire world almost imploded after Instagram got hit by lightening, Scott said, “this is why I had to put my internet cat drawings on t-shirts – in case the internet breaks.”

And right now you can have Scott create a digital cat drawing of your cat for only $10 (on sale.) All you have to do is send him a photo and some text (optional) and he will draw your cat in true WEBCATS fashion.  These make great birthday and holiday gifts for your cat obsessed friends and family.

You can look forward to Scott’s weekly Wednesday cat drawings right here on Greenpointers!

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Pick A Card: Pink Serissa

Terrarium at Go! GreenpointThis game is fun! I randomly pick a business card from a pickle jar and introduce a local business.  Today I grabbed a card that said Pink Serissa Terrariums. We love terrariums around here! I remember seeing these lovely and unique terrariums at the Go Green! Greenpoint Earth Day Festival in McCarren Park a few weeks back.

There were underwater and hanging terrariums, and plants that required no soil, which blew my mind. I remember the prices to be very reasonable. The website needs updating, but the Pink Serissa Etsy Store was informative with beautiful photographs.

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This holiday season, give the gift of local handmade art from RedTailFeathers on Etsy.

Handmade in Williamsburg, these mixed media pieces are influenced by vintage finds, postcards, love letters, old books, animals, nature, amusing thoughts, and all-around good times.  Get thoughtful gifts at affordable prices, with pieces ranging from $12 – $90.

Expires 12/2.  Enter coupon code: SHIP2011

Top Gift Guide Picks:

Good Time Rabbits                    Piglet & Posies                         Like a Boss

RedTailFeathers will be at the Greenpointers Holiday Market on Saturday, December 17! Brand new items will be on display! To RSVP click here.

To contact the artist, visit her Etsy Store or email christine (dot) hooker (at) gmail (dot) com.

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