Yuka’s Cute Museum: Upcycled Apple Computer Cat Beds

Upcycled Apple Cat Bed

You know Yuka! She is the adorable and wonderful person who designs and shoots our market photo booth…

Yuka Miyata : Cute Curator

She also is an unofficial curator of cuteness. Her personal Facebook page is a daily stream of baby animals and strange inventions – all are sickeningly sweet and genius.

You wonder – where does she find this stuff?

I want to hire her to professionally collect and share cute stuff for Greenpointers – for everyone’s mental health!  Continue reading

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Featured Vendor: NY CLOCKS

Our featured vendor New York Clocks makes fun clocks from recycled items like this tea canister shown and book covers and postcards . This year the shop is also featuring key ring holds.

Andria Alefhi started New York Clocks because she said she “wanted to make a clock from a pop tarts box and it just went from there.”

A jack of many trades making clocks is Andria’s hobby, professionally she is ASL interpreter and an adjunct professor and a zine maker and a wedding officiant.

Her bestseller is the tea tin clock and she said that she thinks that her customers love them  because of the nostalgia. “I’ve had customers tell me great stories about why they were buying a particular flavor of tea for a special person in their lives, and it’s awesome.

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BK Etsy Find: Brooklyn Vantiques

I could browse Brooklyn Etsy stores all day. Check out this great new vintage seller called – wait for it – Brooklyn Vantiques! I can’t get over the logo and they do what? Sell antiques out of a van? Sounds like something out of Brooklyn alright! I couldn’t tell you where the van is but everything in the online store rules. Small Vintage Wood Coffee Grinder? Yes, please.

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