East River Ferry Ramp Plunged into East River © Alan Tansey

The biggest craziest news in Greenpoint last week was the East River Ferry ramp collapse at India St Pier. No one was injured thankfully, but their motto, “Relax, we’ll get you there,” is a bit ironic.

There is no telling when service will resume from that location. In the mean time, passengers can take a FREE shuttle bus to No. 6th St. Us Greenpointers sure do love shuttle buses, right folks?

And finally there is some insight as to what happened. 

According to East River Ferry’s website:

…two spud piles that held the barge in position failed. When the piles failed, the barge moved to the west creating a distance between the pier and the barge that exceeded the length of the gangway, with the result that the gangway collapsed… additional dive teams are going to be sent to the site to remove the piles for further examination in order to assess the cause of their failure. 


Until the rest of the investigation is complete, there will be no service from that location and no estimate has been given.

Are you one of the passengers affected by this incident? Are you using the shuttle bus service? Do you feel comfortable continuing to ride to ferry?

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  1. I used to take it to work every day and now feel literally stranded. My commute has been lengthened by 20 minutes and the shuttles are useless. Not timed with the ferries and so added 30 minutes to my commute the one time I tried it.

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