In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the love that wafts through the air in Greenpoint with profiles of some of our favorite entrepreneurial power couples. You might already shop in their stores, eat their food, take their classes, follow them online, or recognize them as fellow regulars at your local haunts, but now it’s getting personal! We asked our power couples to tell us about what they love about living and working in Greenpoint with each other, and the results were very sweet indeed.

To kick off this series, we bring you Kimmee Arndt and Evan Hoffman of Greenpoint Trading Co., our neighborhood spice purveyors.

Kimme Arndt & Evan Hoffman, Greenpoint Trading Co.

GP: How did you two meet?

Kimmee: We met through my college roommate, who was Evan’s childhood friend from growing up on Long Island. Our first date was at a bowling alley.

GP: How long have you been together?


Kimmee: We dated for 5 years and got married 4 months ago!

GP: When did you move to Greenpoint?

Kimmee: I’ve lived in Greenpoint for 6 years. When Evan and I moved in together it was to our current apartment on Calyer Street, and when we started Greenpoint Trading Co. we ran it out of the apartment at first. We then moved the business into a small warehouse on Box Street, until last January when we moved into an even bigger space on Eagle Street.

GP: What do you love about each other and about living/working together in Greenpoint?

Kimmee: Being married to your co-worker has its benefits, and we have survived by making time for our relationship with date nights and weekend getaways. We’re planning a trip to Europe in May to celebrate our honeymoon. (Finally!) At work, we have very defined roles and separate customer accounts that we each oversee. For us, that helps keep everything organized and moving forward.

GP: Where are your favorite date nights or romantic spots in the neighborhood?

Kimmee: We have been loving eating out at all the new spots in Greenpoint. We recently had an amazing date night at River Styx, and fabulous brunch at Alameda. Our go-to spot for a drink is Jimmy’s. Super amazing staff and cheap eats.

Thanks, Kimmee! And Greenpointers, come and sample some of Greenpoint Trading Co.’s delicious mulled wine at our Valentine’s Market this Sunday!

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