Snapdragon’s Mexican Folk Inspired Creations

Milagro Frida by Snapdragon

If you’re into bold colors, intricate hand made creations and Frida Kahlo (who isn’t?) – then you’re going to love Snapdragon, a featured Valentine’s Market vendor. Shop owner Nina Shope tells us why she is all about Mexican Folk Art:

My work is strongly influenced by my passion for Mexican folk art, from beading to embroidery, paper mache to metalwork, painting to textiles.  I feel a great affinity for the bold, rich colors; the playful and somewhat tortured iconography of saints, sirens, skeletons, devils; and the evocative paintings (and photographs) of artists like Frida Kahlo.  The tarnished silver of milagros, the geographic sharpness of tin star lamps, the red tongues of chili pepper ristras, all make my heart quicken, and my goal is to create objects of beauty that I would love to own if saw them for sale: Frida Kahlo dolls, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skeletons, sirena ornaments, Virgins of Guadalupe, and vibrant knitted creations.

Snapdragon is inspired by Mexican Folk Art

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