Dear Trainers,

I am about 10 kg far from my ideal weight (21 years old, 158 cm tall,
63 kg). my body is not toned and I have a lot of cellulite. My
question is: Should I reach my ideal weight before I start toning
exercises or if I started toning exercises now they will make my body
look toned and better?

Dear 158cm Health Seeker,

First off, congrats on deciding to seek a healthier weight! We’re not
sure how you calculated your “ideal” weight, but we think it’s best to
let go of that idea, as it’s hard to know how you’ll feel at 117
pounds. Perhaps you’ll feel and look better at 121.

If you focus on health, appearance will follow. That said, you should most definitely begin strength training now, preferably in collaboration with a
qualified trainer for at least a few sessions. The worst thing you can
do is attempt to lose weight without building muscle for it is muscle,
which will ultimately not only contribute to your overall health, but
also increase your metabolism, and improve your appearance.


Losing weight now will likely leave you looking softer and flabbier, not that
there’s anything wrong with that, but we don’t think that’s the goal
you’re trying to achieve. The cellulite is a separate issue, but one
that can definitely be aided by strength training. By the way, in
addition to incorporating strength training into your exercise
regimen, we would strongly encourage you to also add some endurance
training (i.e., bouts of 20 minutes or more of exercise which will
challenge your cardiovascular system). The latter will not only burn a
significant number of calories but also make your body more efficient
at burning fat. Once you’ve achieved a reasonable level of fitness you
can then consider adding some higher intensity interval training.

Answer provided by Tim Haft and Shana Brady of Beastanetics and Punk Rope.

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