“People here aren’t afraid of getting mugged – they’re afraid of getting hit.” – Assemblyman Lentol

Press Release via Joe Lentol’s Office: Assemblyman Lentol Responds to Latest Tragedy on McGuinness Boulevard

Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol (D-North Brooklyn) responded today to the tragic death of a young woman Sunday night at the intersection of Nassau Avenue and McGuinness Boulevard.

“Another heartbreaking accident at this deadly intersection calls for swift action in the New Year under the new mayoral administration to install red light cameras, speed cameras, and new traffic calming measures,” said the Assemblyman.

Lentol continued, “I pledge to make this a top priority.  Everyone knows McGuinness Boulevard is treacherous.  Last year, I voted to approve new locations for speed cameras in school zones, and McGuinness Boulevard by PS 34 should be first on the list to get one.  We need the new mayor to act swiftly because cameras would slow traffic down and make the entire thoroughfare safer.”

Assemblyman Lentol has also pushed the City for years to install traffic calming measures along McGuinness Boulevard, especially at the Nassau Avenue intersection.  After this weekend’s tragedy Lentol has called upon the new mayor to focus on this very important safety issue.

“I have letters asking for safety improvements going back at least five years, probably more,” said the Assemblyman.

In finishing his statement Lentol said, “Residents should be able to walk to and from the stores on Manhattan Avenue, the G train and wherever else they may be going without putting their lives in danger by simply crossing the street.  People here aren’t afraid of getting mugged – they’re afraid of getting hit.  It’s a real fear.  It’s a valid fear.  Sadly, that is how serious the problem has become at the intersections along McGuinness Boulevard.”

Assemblyman Lentol said 2014 offers the opportunity to take advantage of the work already done to raise this issue to prominence in the minds of city officials and accomplish the task of installing cameras, slowing traffic and creating safer crossings for everyone.

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  1. Chuck lowry says:

    The last major time DOT tried to calm/fix that very intersection a couple years ago, the community board wouldn’t let them accusing DOT of not knowing what they were doing and their data was wrong. On top of that, the board members community berated and yelled at DOT members not really listening. They also didn’t want to implement any changes that slightly inconvenienced their driving. I was at the meeting and was completely upset with the community’s stubbornness. This could have been fixed years ago.

    • Ev Melnick says:

      I wrote to the DOT requesting turning lights at Greenpoint intersections. I explained that no car can turn on a green light due to the timing of the lights. Because of this, cars, turn on red lights and pedestrians try to cross at red lights. Also the number of cars that go through red lights is intolerable. DOT wrote back to me that after a study was made, turning lights were unwarranted; however they would tweek the timing of the red lights. Obviously, as more pedestrians are being hit by cars, this study was a waste of time and money and lives.

  2. Donna says:

    This petition was started by a fellow mother. Thank you Greenpointers for letting us know about this sad tragedy which is a reminder that we must do something as Greenpoint residents. Our kids cross this street EVERYDAY!

  3. Chris says:

    Wasn’t the guy in the truck who hit the woman unlicensed? that’s not an issue that will be fixed with a red-light camera.

  4. CG says:

    That’s sad to hear that Chuck. I’m sad that people would put their need to get somewhere into a hurry over the safety of all of our residents, children included. This intersection is only one block away from PS34 which is also located directly on Brooklyn’s “Boulevard of Death”. Seems like we need some traffic calming techniques stat!!!!


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