Eating out on the cheap can be tough in Greenpoint, especially if you want to still be fancy about it. Park Luncheonette (334 Driggs Ave) is now open (24 hours a day!) and you can eat a $2 slice of pizza while enjoying not cheap beer and cocktails. It is where budget meets cool – right near McCarren Park – and it’s delicious. 

The timing is right. After your Halloween crawling, when you’re cat tail is falling off and your face paint is smudging, you may want some late night grub AND get that night cap. (Word to the wise: even the mere suggestion of a night cap usually means you have had enough…but this is America!)

Slick marble countertops, reclaimed wooden benches and a sick art deco light fixture over the bar contrast the old hand painted sign outside, but it works. The interiors are light and airy with huge windows and a coffee/pizza bar with service for the hungry dog stricken folks.

While the menu will expand, for now they have pizza and it was spot on. The crust was thin and crispy, the tomato sauce was raw and not over seasoned and the cheese was just the right amount. After the first slice I ordered a second – not because I was hungry but because it tasted so damn good.

Try a slice and let us know what you think!


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