Good neighborhood people Russ Marshalek and Lucy Swope merged their respect for dark post-punk, the occult and trippy imagery to bring us a truly unique vision. Behold, boys and girls: the first-ever music video recorded entirely via Google Glass.

Russ and Lucy’s individual projects—a place both wonderful and strange and GHOST COP, respectively—wove into a witchy macrame for “DNT CM,” shooting on location at Greenpoint staples like Black Rabbit and Transistor Park. Also, there’s a séance.

Shall we? Video and more from the two after the jump.


Behold: The Deanna Paquette-produced joint:

So… what does Google Glass do anyway? Why shoot a video on it?

“I have an iPhone,” Russ says. “Apparently if you have an Android, [Google Glass] will synchronize with maps and do all of this shit it doesn’t do if you have an iPhone. For me, actually, is basically acts as a Flip Cam. …we thought what can we do with Glass to get a one-person perspective? And that’s where the video came from.

The video follows a group of young witches on a unearthly outing. Its reverberating theme, exclusion, pulses through one witch’s tangible distance from the others. Because she is the one not yet embraced as an equal, she wears the Glass, playing quiet narrator throughout tarot trysts at Black Rabbit and supernatural summons at Transistor.

“I wanted to do a thing with Black Rabbit because Black Rabbit is way witchier looking and way cooler than a lot of people that actually go there,” Russ laughs.

“We had seven girls in a tiny, tiny bathroom, putting their make-up on,” Lucy says. “Which, as far as I’m concerned, if I can get seven girls in a bathtub, that’s good,” Russ finishes.

"My Australian friend used the term 'try hard,' which I think is awesome because it definitely applies to this character," Russ explains.

Tumbling black and white images evoke vibes both moody and soaked in Lynchisms—something Russ has made himself quite famous for repping. Synthy swords slice the ashy beat into manageable bites. Lucy’s haunting vocals act like a soothing shot. “DNT CM” is actually a bit of a banger, writing a comprehensive definition for tombstone gaze—a genre/sound/lifestyle, really, our bakery-stuffed streets could use a little more of.

In the meantime, I’ll continue meditating on how the hell that one lady applied eyeliner wearing Google Glass.

Catch a place both wonderful and strange and GHOST COP perform live at coco66 Tuesday at 8 p.m. Ticket info here. apbwas also hosts a Coven viewing party Wednesday at t.b.d. at 8 p.m.–more info yonder.

// all photos via Gustavo Ponce

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