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Nitehawk “The Works” Series on Angelo Badalamenti This March + Interviews

I love the way music and film can come together to create indelible moments, so I am very excited that Nitehawk Cinema is doing an installment of The Works on film composer Angelo Badalamenti. Perhaps best known for his collaborations with David Lynch, he has provided music for a diverse range of films.

Nitehawk will be showing five of them throughout March, starting with a screening tonight of Lost Highway with a live sound accompaniment by local band a place both wonderful and strange.

If that isn’t awesome enough, I spoke with Nitehawk Senior Film Programmer Caryn Coleman plus Russ Marshalek and Lucy Swope of the band about the film, Badalamenti’s music, and more.

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Video Premiere: “DNT CM” by a place both wonderful and strange and GHOST COP

Gustavo Ponce ©

Good neighborhood people Russ Marshalek and Lucy Swope merged their respect for dark post-punk, the occult and trippy imagery to bring us a truly unique vision. Behold, boys and girls: the first-ever music video recorded entirely via Google Glass.

Russ and Lucy’s individual projects—a place both wonderful and strange and GHOST COP, respectively—wove into a witchy macrame for “DNT CM,” shooting on location at Greenpoint staples like Black Rabbit and Transistor Park. Also, there’s a séance.

Shall we? Video and more from the two after the jump.

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